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I don’t know if I mentioned this but I watched Devil’s Rejects again. It’s definitely better than its predecessor as a film. I’m still sorting out why I find those films, particularly House of 1000 Corpses, especially vile and disturbing. I mean, violence, gore and torture are in a lot of movies, but these get under my skin with their total lack of soul. I don’t know.

Maybe because of the guerilla style film making those movies have, especially The Devil’s Rejects. House of a 1000 Corpses is like an over extended music video while TDR looks like a series of home movie that was made in the 70s.

What makes TDR effective is that it’s not outside the possibility of those things actually happening.

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ive given up on moviepass and sinemia and decided to watch Endgame at the expensive theater.
I laughed, I cried, I got triggered by their concept and inconsistencies of time travel. Also nobody clapped for that shoehorned “Women of MCU” scene at my theater.

I’m going to see Endgame again in a bit with my girlfriend and her kids. Their first viewing, my second… but my first ever IMAX experience… so, we’ll see if it is really all that great or just sitting far back to sit in the first row.

I think that’s why he cut out the Dr. Satan stuff. The character doesn’t even look human. That deleted hospital scene is worth watching though.

Watched Green Lantern: First Flight for the first time. I’d give it a 3.5/5 first initial impression. The voice cast was all spot on, animation was OK. Story was OK. Can’t wait to see Emerald Knights anthology.

I liked the women of the mcu scene then I was like, “that’s it? Like seven characters and most of them are sidekicks and love interests? Oh, well still pretty cool.”

At my first viewing, nothing in the film got applause or anything EXCEPT for the Cap scene with Thanos. That was at 11am on a Tuesday in a moderately filled theater, so I’m guessing most people there were more laid back and specifically sought out a time to go to get away from the rambunctiuos popcorn flick crowd.

At the second showing, at IMAX, there was a decent amount of clapping for the “women of MCU” scene. The Cap scene got thunderous applause from the entire theater.

I will say that the family (mother, father, son) sitting next to me were complete dicks the entire time. About an hour or so into the film, someone did a single clap at a joke on the opposite side of the theater and they shouted “Stop it! You don’t need to clap at things!” And, apparently, when I went to bring my girlfriend’s youngest daughter to the restroom, I was told that they were flipping out because they had to get out of their seats for 10 seconds to let us by.

But be damned if the son AND the father were not wailing in tears for the last 30 minutes of the film. No joke. Only so many times you can listen to someone trying to suck back all the tears and snot up their noses.


Meanwhile, the group sitting on the other side of us kept leaning forward on the edge of their seats like every 10 minutes, except for the 40-minute or so block between The Garden and the first Heist.

Spoilers for Avengers Endgame ahead…

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Spoilers for Spider-Man Far From Home too because damn it shows a lot




Couldn’t understand the plot, but it did make my arms and legs stronger.

Yeah, I’m gonna avoid the trailer until I’ve caught up!

Just got back from Endgame. Overall I thought it was quite good, and definitely my favorite part was the last bit where Cap decides to stay in the 40s to live out his life with Peggy. I had a strong feeling going into the movie that both Cap and Iron Man were going to die or otherwise be relegated to the sidelines, and Cap going back in time to be with Peggy is one of the things I thought might happen. Glad his character got a happy ending. Also super looking forward to Thor traveling with the GotG for a while.

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LATE but finally saw Captain Marvel and was pleasantly surprised. I was worried about the origin story and there basically was none, it was very organically done. I don’t really have any complaints off the top of my head.

STILL haven’t seen Endgame and have managed to avoid spoilers still :sunglasses:


The endgame is they all have shawarma together after waking up and finding out it was a dream.


Somehow it edited my previous Pokemon post instead of posting a new one

I have the original Halloween and the new one and dying to watch them. I haven’t ever seen any Halloween movies before and want to watch it as intended with the oldest then the newest. Can’t wait to find time.


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