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I’m excited :smiley:

:lol: So JJ Abrams is just gonna pretend like Episode 8 never happened!?

VIII: Let the past die. Kill it if you must. We must let old things go!

IX: Here’s a bunch of ghosts!

I wouldn’t be shocked if Ben is somehow Rey’s real father. She’s powerful because she was conceived through that ultra special Jedi Ghost jizz!

Im still excited to see who it all ends.

Yawn. Will probably rent on digital.

Rian Johnson killed it though. His first name is even spelled pretentiously.

That’s more on his parents, most people don’t change their name unless it’s something crazy like Mercedes or Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson.

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My goal is to at least wait until 2020 to see it. Have to boycott the best I can. Even if it is somehow good I can’t wash episode 8 away and its embarrassing bastardization of a hero in Luke.

No desire before to see it, less desire now.

negative desire.

I finally saw Ant-Man and The Wasp and greatly enjoyed it. Just in time for Endgame. I was hoping to see Captain Marvel before Endgame, but that isn’t going to happen.

Guess what movie I finally saw.

I have tickets for Saturday night to see Endgame.

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five 4/5

It was incredible to get Conroy, Eisenberg and Newbern the OG trinity back together. Newbern and Tim Daly are both damn good Superman voice actors, so either is a win. I liked Jessica Cruz, she is one of my favorite newer characters in the comics. The only thing is I kind of didn’t care about Starboy like I was supposed to. It was great being in the Timm universe again.

It lost points for doing Kilowog dirty :mad2:

And I thought Salaak said “Fuck nuggets”

Saw Endgame today. Thought it was perfect. No, I won’t say anything.

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That seems to be what everybody is saying. Going tonight!

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Avengers was real good. Like, damn.

It wasn’t bad, there are some problems with things but overall a good film. Fanservice that should have been there luckily was there. It’s a satisfactory outing for the amount of time everyone has sunk into the overall arch.

Some of the choices I didn’t like but they were done well, like with Thor. I think Hemsworth enjoyed it. They also stayed away from making it Captain Marvel 2 which I was glad to see.

I feel it’s time to move on though from the MCU.

If they decide to continue (they will), they imo need to go back to their roots of Iron-Man 1 in terms of scale of Hero vs. Non-fantastical threat. We’ll see what they do with Brie Larson’s all girl directorial outings. I personally expect the worst.

I’d give the End Game overall a B.

I love reading people say stuff like “Endgame was a movie made for the fans.” You know, as if Disney is going to go out and spend $350 million to make a movie for people that specifically hate the series.


Star Wars

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Like Ken said, Star Wars.

I expected Endgame to be the Captain Marvel power hour so to speak. I was surprised they did as much as they did for fans of white toxic males that started the MCU with Iron Man.

I had no idea this is happening but apparently they are adapting William Gibson’s Alien 3 script into an audiobook later this month


Sweet! I really want to read the comic book based on it. I don’t think it is available in a trade until July though.