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Lmfao this video is hilarious.


Is it real or some long con April Fools?


I saw Us last night and it was interesting and I enjoyed it a little more than Get Out. With Get Out it felt like the social commentary was a bit too obvious but with Is it is much more subtle and has less to do with race and more to do with class in general. Lupita and the other girl do a great job of acting with their eyes. There are so many shots of them that just felt like they were sharing a part of their soul, it was a tad bone chilling.

Great film, the cinematography is worth seeing in the theater which is something I didn’t feel as much with Get Out.


I enjoyed Get Out quite a bit. Glad to see you’re saying it’s an improvement.


:sob: Rosarrrriooooo~

I think my intro to her was Clerks 2 actually. Can’t remember if it was that or Rent. :thinking:


I’m so excited for this movie. Shannon Elizabeth is back as well.


There was this movie that used to play on hbo all the time called The first 20 million is always the hardest that Inused to see her in all the time but Men in Black 2 is probably when I truly began to know who she was. Those scenes where Agent J was starting to fall in love with her character kind of transcended the tv screen and it was like my younger self was falling in love.


Official 1 min look at Endgame:

Possibly big “spoilers.” But yo… hype.


Finally getting the first two live action Rurouni Kenshin movies, been hyped for them a long time. I’ll have to get the third at a later date. One of my favorite all time series, hopefully these are good adaptations.


Dragon Quest movie


Watched the first live action Rurouni Kenshin movie Origins. It was fairly good. 7.5-8 range. I watched it subbed. Weird they call him Battousai killsword instead of Man-Slayer which is what it is in the anime/manga.

The casting was pretty damn good. They did a good job choosing how to adapt several episodes into a two hour movie. They consolidated some things but overall it worked. Can’t wait to watch the second one with Shishio making himself known.


Seen the Joker trailer a few times. Looks interesting, better than the Jared Leto Joker at least at this early stage.


Better than Leto’s Joker is a low bar, it’s basically on the ground.


Don’t tell DC that. They’ll see it as a challenge.


I saw Shazam and it made me feel like I never want to watch another superhero origin story movie. It wasn’t bad but it just felt way too long, by the time something good was happening I was ready to leave.


I had a smile on my face the whole time watching Shazam. Just watching the characters interact was fun. I found the action pretty mediocre though. Just more buff people punching CGI monsters.


It’s finally happening. It’ll be a two part animated movie that is NOT part of the DC animated Universe. Apparently Troy Baker and Jensen Ackels is already cast. It’s expected that Troy Baker will be Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jensen Ackels is going to be Harvey Dent.

It might be around 2020 before the first part comes out though.


Conroy or bust. Baker I think is better than Jason O’Mara though. Didn’t Troy do Arkham Origins Batman?


Troy’s done both Batman and Joker lol.

Conroy’s the GOAT but O’Mara is fine (for that version of the character.)

The Long Halloween is one of my favorite American graphic novels, and is easily my favorite Batman comic; I really hope they do it justice. Splitting it into two parts gives me a lot of hope though – I didn’t much understand it for The Dark Knight Returns, but the calendar-based plot of TLH lends itself to that a bit better IMO.

After this I would say they’ve done the “big five”: The Dark Knight Returns, Year One, The Killing Joke (botched as it was…), Hush, and now The Long Halloween. Good job (mostly), DC. :thumbsup2:


Yeah, he good as both too.

I’d like a Injustice, Red Son and properly done Green Lantern Rebirth (the comic run of 2004-2005, NOT the latest DC branding of comics) animated movie. I recently began Geoff Johns’ epic Green Lantern run and it is fucking tremendous and just the start of a run that lasts over a decade. Ethan Van Sciver is a God-tier artist, up there with DC’s best like Jim Lee.