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I suspect that MOST of the new shots are from the first 20 minutes or so of the movie, with a FEW carefully selected shots that goes past that. Most notably that shot of Nebula, Rocket and War Machine and Captain America.

Don’t forget, there was footage in the Infinity War trailer that is completely different or never appeared at all.


I’m 100% sure they’re not using much if anything that was in the IW trailers but not in IW, 95+% of it seems like alternate takes or purposely altered for marketing reasons (Hulk in forest.)

However I’m also pretty sure: they’re somehow going back to the Battle of NY from the first Avengers at some point.


I think any of the shots not in the first 15-20 are still within the first hour; the red light setting that blows up seems like their first “mission.” But I could be wrong.


James Gunn is back for Guardians 3, ayyyy


WOW I am impressed. I’m glad he also is still doing Suicide Squad.


James Gunn after being rehired:



Guardians 1 is far superior to 2.

Hopefully he turns it around.


That’s irrelevant. It’s the principle of a man being reinstated after being wronged.


It’s not irrelevant to my desire to see the movie or not.


I’d sacrifice a movie for justice. And while 1 was indeed better, 2 wasn’t TERRIBLE.

I basically agree with Korey from Double Toasted if anyone wants a take on James Gunn returning.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s working again. But i don’t think for a moment that he’s free of the hate mob. One slip up and he’s gone I bet.

And I stand by my opinion that Guardians 2 is one of the worst marvel films.


While on the topic of Gunn. I like the move.



30 second teaser already better than most movies.

“Today we have a chance to take it all back.” As release approaches they’re hinting stronger and stronger at time travel and it eventually being the deus ex machina to resurrect everyone…


lol I was reading a lot of people don’t know what to believe because Infinity had misleading stuff put in like Hulk on Wakanda


I’ve got the money, now I need is a ride.


w-w-what what this is real


I hope she doesn’t ask people to reply to her like in the show.


Why is Dora doing the Black Widow pose?


I want them to do this