Haven’t gotten to watch Bad Times yet but watched Widows and highly enjoyed it. I may elaborate in another post or after I watch Bad Times.


Saw Alita the other night.

Was pretty good. It’s a popcorn flick with just some very introductory level concepts for what it means to be human or machine. Little heavy on exposition but does a decent job of building a world and establishing some rules for the characters to live under / subvert.

It’s slanted towards a younger audience, couple cringe inducing script choices but all in all worth seeing.

Open ended for a sequel, and I think this is the female centric (modern day style) action flick that SJW’s should actually be celebrating.

They wont.


Rotten Tomatoes taking down their not interested rating for Captain Marvel.



You have the biggest grudge hard on imaginable about that movie, Grundy lol


Captain Marvel should have been a January release or something. And maybe gotten some better trailers, though they’re probably trying really hard not to spoil anything.


Idk if I agree. I’m fascinated by why SJW’s are finding it to be so important when it’s a popcorn film.

It’s a dramatic shift too to change their entire site at t he same time its dropping in their interest rating. There’s a subtext going on and it’s interesting to watch unfold.


I agree they needed better trailers. But this is a failed character in terms of the comics and as a mainstream audience is concerned they don’t know who she even is.

They didn’t come out with a really big energetic push. I think it’s at risk of ending up like Thor 1 / 2.

Ragnarok they learned they needed some excitement and buzz. Some really upbeat notes. Thus far they haven’t had any.


I forgot Hellboy was already coming in April. I hope it revitalizes the franchise.

I’m still gonna be missing Ron Perlman.

oh and Us looks really good so far.

I also ran into this weird thing:



In other news…


Looks fun.

Pretty spoileriffic though.


Spoilers that bad? Worth skipping in that case?


I like Elba a lot (and Will Smith too) but can we just flush this cinematic universe down the toilet already?

Is Hot Topic funding half of production or something?? How much are they spending on the Harley Quinn movie???


I’m gonna see this, but I hope it’s more than just “What if Superman were bad? OK we’ve already done that a million times, but this time, what if he’s still a kid when he goes bad??”


I think movie reviews are going the way of video game reviews.


I thought Captain Marvel was good overall, but there were a few issues I had with it, like how she gets her powers and a certain character just appearing with no explanation at all.

And while the movie takes place in the 90s, it actually feels like it was filmed in the 80s. Really no wide angle shots or anything dynamically shot at all in the film. Outside of one or two shots panning up to a train, I’m pretty sure every single frame was shot at eye level. And for most of the film, the action if very subdued.

Though I was surprised by the “no end of the universe” stakes that pretty much all Marvel films have become now, which was a nice diversion. Both this and the last film, Ant-Man & The Wasp, are basically “what happens in the MCU when characters take the weekend off.” But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Also, being that the film takes place in the 90s, there is some MCU revisionist history going on which doesn’t quite add up when you factor events already established in later films. One very specific incident involving Nick Fury that was done for laughs, but doesn’t make sense when applied to the context at which it is referenced later on, and also the Cosmic Cube’s whereabouts during the pre-existing MCU timeline at that point.

And before people do the comparison of Wonder Woman to Captain Marvel, yes, Wonder Woman is the superior film.


I’m seeing Captain Marvel right now.

Street Fighter reference in a Marvel movie, who would’ve guessed!? Next thing you know, there’s gonna be a Marvel Vs. Street Fighter game!


Street Fighter is the best worst movie imo.

The fact Raul Julia did it fir his kids always hits me in the feels.


Yeah then died instantly when it was done basically. He was in pain and felt like shit doing it.

I loved that movie as a kid and still have a fondness for it. My cousin and I still say “Bison Dollars” a lot lol


About 2 months left :smiley:

I love the fact they aren’t showing much


6 weeks!!

And yeah when the trailer opened with archive footage I was like “YES THEY’RE STICKING TO THEIR GUNS.” It honestly felt like I was watching a really good fan trailer (like Road to Civil War – still the gold standard) but I love that approach. They’ve built this up over 10 years, they get to use a bit of that archive footage in their trailer.

I have no doubt this is all the work of Feige. Like, if it was a committee or something, or a normal studio head, no way would they be risking returns by keeping all this locked down. Like, not even revealing the name of a big budget tentpole sequel until four months before, in the trailer itself, is pretty unprecedented… let alone keeping footage to the first 15 minutes (though I have my suspicion the suit-up scene is obviously later on…)