For film fans, Criterion is kicking off a streaming service April 8th. You can sign up early and get a movie of the week and a like 30 days free and a discount on the service overall compared to those that wait till afterwards.

I’ve signed up to see how it is. The only downside I have seen thus far is no support yet for Xbox or Playstation consoles. Hopefully that changes, I grabbed a 4k firestick though. Maybe this will help me move towards cutting the cable.


Spider-Verse, 10/10

Broly, 10/10



Watch out boys. Keep up boys.

Girl powah.



Conroy, Eisenberg and Newbern are BACK baby!!!


Took longer than I wanted to, but I finally saw The Incredibles 2. I thought it was fantastic. I think that Syndrome was a better villain, but anything that was faulted with The Incredibles 2 was made up for by the family. I love the fact that it set RIGHT AFTER the first one.


Any Hype for the Battle Angel movie? This will be the first movie I splurge on with a 4k blu ray special edition. I already set 60 bucks aside in an envelope that says Battle Angel 4k.

I probably would do the same if there was a big budget versionnof Akira or Ninja Scroll.


It’s going to be a wild ride when this comes out.

They recently lowered the protected earinhs for the whole run by 25k

“Larson sees the release of “Captain Marvel” and her role in the MCU (she’s the galaxy’s best chance against Thanos) much like the feeling she got when “Indiana Jones” came out years ago. She wondered why there wasn’t a female version of Dr. Jones. Well, now we have Danvers”

It worries me when people selectively ignore things. Lara Croft is your female Indiana Jones.


Picked up Widows and Bad Times at the El Royale on blu-ray. Hopefully they are entertaining enough.


Let me know how bad times at the el royale is. I missed it and haven’t gone back yet.


I will. Yeah same here. I wanted to go and its theater run was so limited in my area it was gone before I knew it.

Widows I got because I have a crush on Elizabeth Debicki lol


Excuse me. Relic Hunter, anyone? :thinking:




It should have been completely CGI. It just looks, I don’t know, cheap.


Didn’t have to be cgi at all there are covers of Entertainment Weeky where he is just dressed as a genie which was pretty cool on its own. Why didn’t he pull a Gamora/Zoe Saldana and just body paint himself?


That’s absolutely pathetic and proves her point, tbh.


How so?


This creeps me out tbh. I dont see the genie look thry were going for.


I’m looking forward to Shazam.


It’s looking better than it did at the very start. If they do the humor right they could have a sort of Spider-Man thing going on.