This is weird but I always though Jake and Jared Leto were like best friends or something because I’ve seen them in so many movies together when I was younger. Turns out it was just one movie that they just aired a lot on hbo back in the day. The thing is that I always forget that I found this out on imdb a few years ago and I always revert to thinking they’ve done 5 movies together.


Apparently Carol Danvers may be a time traveler.

If this turns out to be true, holy mary sue and plot holes abound.


Well, ummm, something has to happen for her to come to the current time if the movie takes place with a young Nick Fury…


present fury calls past fury to find her and badabing badaboom timeloop?

I figured she’d travel through time like the rest of us. But being super amazing not age.

Time Travel is not the easiest thing to pull off in a story. If it’s something they’re going to use I feel they’ll halfass it. Just being a superhero film gives me pause on that as a plot device. The genre doesn’t have the best track record of building characters or making sense consistently throughout.

I think it’s outside their wheelhouse to handle something like Predestination did.


Bumblebee was cool. But i think the movie ends after the Cybertron scenes


Predestination. Is that movie good? I always wanted to get it and watch it.


Showed a lil too much perhaps. More than I wanted to see lol


it’s worth seeing. I enjoyed it and if you like Ethan Hawke that’s a big part of it.


Dragon Ball Super: Broly. If you’re a DBZ fan you owe it to yourself to see this movie. Saw it two weeks ago and i can’t stop thinking about it. Cannot fucking wait to see it again.

Best DBZ movie hands down and the best Dragon Ball has ever looked.


I’m gonna see Aqua Man tonight.

Saw Ralph Breaks The Internet some time ago too. It wasn’t as good as the first movie, but it was surprisingly good for a sequel.

The mid-credits scene was so meta. If you want to know what it was, it was a scene from the trailer.


The Incredibles 2 and Ant-Man and The Wasp is up on Netflix.


I’m kind of interested in the CGI fest that is Alita Battle Angel


Me too and it’s all because of Rosa Salazar (Alita). She’s had forgettable roles in other movies (Maze Runner, Bird Box) but this movie seems like is going to be her time to shine.

Or it all could be a disappointment and once again another forgettable anime adapted movie but we’ll see.

@StealthMaster86, definitely want to see Incredibles 2. Thanks for letting us know.


Doing something I haven’t done in a long time, going to the theater each day this weekend. Seeing Spider-verse today and Broly tomorrow. My body is ready!!


So yeah, Aqua Man was pretty good.


Really? I was really unable to get into it.

I enjoyed seeing Dolph though.


Aquaman was a blast. It’s not an amazing movie by any stretch but i had a ton of fun watching it.

Spider-verse rivals Infinity War. That’s how good it was.


Did somebody say Dolph? lol Doesn’t Mr. X look just like him?


Early screens of captain marvel say it’s all about the cat.

I think the cat will be the baby groot dancing in front of a uninteresting mary sue plot.


Damn… Can’t unsee it now. lol