I just saw Spider-Verse myself. I lost it at the post-credits scene.


I just saw it too and I think it’s my favorite superhero movie now.



I saw Aquaman today and it was good but so terribly hot for some reason in the theater, I suffered through the second half. Heavily influenced by New 52 Aquaman comics by Geoff Johns which isn’t a bad thing.


I just got back from seeing aquaman. I feel it was a 3 maybe 4 out of 10.

It’s largely mindless plot is filled with moments that felt either forced, wasted or thought to be cool or funny. Villains are one dimensional in a world that seems completely cut off from the cataclysmic events unfolding.

[spoiler]Our hero is a hard drinking roughneck who fucks around all day until adult life comes to shore. His limp attempt at fighting destiny is punctuated by the half hearted ring of fire challenge and lack of any real sense of sibling rivalry.

It felt like a rip off of gladiator, just as the finding of Atalans map in the Sahara felt like a RIP from the 5th element with overall tones of Cameron’s Avatar. Complete with a journey to the center of the earth sans Brendan Fraser.[/spoiler]

I came in cold and haven’t seen a mainstream superhero film in a while.

It felt like a rip off of gladiator, just as the finding of Atalans

All in all it’s a wasted effort.

The genre is struggling overall and this was another slant toward the downward.


I do agree it tried to do too much. Was sooooo long to me but I was suffering in a hot theater, idk if that played a part. It isn’t holding up as well in my mind the more I think of it.


DC is trying to be MCU. they know it, and who can blame them?


Mads Mikkelson IS Big Boss!!!


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: 3 / 5
Bohemian Rhapsody: 3 / 5
Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us: 4 / 5
Jingle All the Way: 3 / 5
Upgrade: 4 / 5
Bird Box: 2 / 5
Halloween (2018): 4 / 5


Saw The Favourite

Really enjoyable well acted all around. Female leads were perfect and Nicholas Holt killed his role as well.

See it if you can.


Halloween was really enjoyable. I saw it in the theaters and even dragged along someone who wasn’t familiar with the franchise. Even they enjoyed it.

Bird Box I need to watch. Everyone is talking about it and Sandra is great but idk. I’ve had this malaise about pulling it up and pressing play.


I never saw any of the Halloween movies but I bought the original and plan to watch it and the new one, skipping all of the others. I may go back some day and watch the others like I am now with Friday the 13th.


Yeah I did the same thing with Friday the 13th you are/did. Went through all the good and the bad just to get caught up. Was worth it but some of those bad ones are reaaall bad lmao.

Still fun though.


I recently watched the 2009 remake with Jared Padelecki and he was basically the only likable character. The Asian dude was somewhat entertaining.

I didn’t care too much for it as a whole. Had some good looking girls and Jared was cool, that’s about it. Jason was OK but didn’t blow my mind. I loved the opening though showing Jason as a kid and witnessing his mother’s death, that was a good way to move along without a lengthy backstory.


blog post: going to give moviepass one more chance to prove it is still worth keeping lately


Looks neat.


JAKE! I always wanted him to play Spider-Man but this works too. Hopefully Sony doesn’t fuck up a Sinster Six movie by doing it without Marvel’s input.


I had impure thoughts about Jake while watching the trailer. :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: Of the “I can’t quit you” variety?

I’ve always enjoyed Jake a lot and I’m glad to see him take on a villain’s role.