My bad. I hope to see it before it leaves theaters. Did you enjoy the movie?




Just a brief speech on affirmative action. The relationship between Miles and Gwen.

I felt how they handled some of it, wasn’t really necessary.


The problem is when you look for that stuff it will always be there. I mean there can be blatant stuff, just watch a CW show, but sometimes, just sometimes things are how they are.


After Star Wars it’s hard to miss even when totally minor overall.


Star Wars has problems way beyond that. Idc what gender Holdo (Laura Dern’s character) is or hair color, it is a incredibly poorly written and terrible, pointless character. Ugh, Rian Johnson, how dare you make this trash?


I’m strangely into this :thinking:


I expected a lot of emphasis on aliens or weird stuff going on in that MIB-I trailer and there aren’t any. :thinking:


Had intended to see Elf yesterday with my girlfriend and her daughters as a special Christmas-themed film, but at the last minute they decided to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse instead.

Fine by me, since I was looking for a reason to get out and see it anyway. I thought it was very good. Though, I really didn’t expect so much death in the film. Peter Parker, Miles’ uncle, Kingpin’s wife and kids, a reference to every single Spider-Man/Woman’s love one(s). I’m never sure if that is too much for them or not.

Stick around after the credits.

That note, I never picked up on any Affirmative Action commentary or any issues with Miles and Gwen.


Aquaman actually has an anti-pollution commentary running throughout the movie and even that they manage the need to not hit people over the head with it every moment they can.


Watched the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie. For the most part, it holds up pretty well. It’s still the best video game movie.


That reptile CG is atrocious lol Embarassing today but good back then.

Idk if it is the best one though. If we are talking animation included then Street Fighter Animated Movie is by far the best lol


Picked up the Friday the 13th 8-Movie Collection :smile:


Bumblebee was surprisingly good and has the most coherent plot and likable characters yet in a live action Transformers film. Not a perfect film by any measure, but definitely the best since the first one. There are two main flashbacks to Cybertron and both of them show pretty toy-accurate robot modes for the characters. In fact, I they show pretty accurate pre-earth “seeker” models as well.

There are a few things that don’t quite add up to where the Bay films begin in 2007 or whenever they take place, and they don’t get into any of the “secret history of the transformers” nonsense from the second, fourth or fifth film, but I guess the point was to do a soft reboot of the series to begin with. Sucks that the movie is not making back anything near what the other films did, because this is clearly the one that deserves it more than any of them.

Looking back on the other ones, I have come to shocking conclusion that Megan Fox’s character was probably the most likeable one from the Bay films.

For anyone that might care, there is a mid-credit scene, but nothing after the film.


I’m looking forward to this. The trailer dropped on Christmas which earned it extra points lol.


OK so they are pretty terrible LOL I watched 1-3 and they suck pretty bad. 2 I think is the best so far but 3 had a glorious kill where Jason slashed a dude’s bottom torso in half as the guy was going a handstand lol

I am looking a bit forward to Part 4, I hear it is not too bad but my expectations are still low.

Edit: Part 4 was definitely the best so far. Pretty damn good. Really enjoyed it.


Into the Spider-verse was fucking great. Go watch it.


That looks SOOOO disturbing lol Finally watched it. Holy shit. Idk if I could do it. Might be fun to try!


The birdbox memes are way better than the movie. It’s a solid C but during most of it I was getting The Happening vibes.


Update on my Friday the 13th marathon. I watched part 5 and 6. 5 wasn’t good by any means, had some really grating parts but I enjoyed some of it. I actually thought 6 was pretty enjoyable.

So far I’d say my very fluid order from best to worst is Part 4, 6, 2, 5, 3, 1. Now, the Kane Hodder era begins.


I think Aqua Man is the first good DC film in the last 20 years. It may have been all that SEA GEE, but it also didn’t slow down in plot or action

I also liked the story structure for Spider-verse, and a lot the dramatic moments shed a rare tear, but i wish Ham, Noir and Penis Parker had a lot more much needed screen time