local theater sang along with Bohemian Rhapsody. Not that loudly, though. we also “Ayyyy yo” 'd


Still looks meh. SJW heavy and unimaginative.

All men are the bad guys but the one ally that’s Sam Jackson. There best one liner being about warrior heroes that’s laughable at best. Cheap CGI and mohawks.

Hasta la vista captain marvel.

The movie will be poorly written and executed but it’ll be the “patriarchy” that’s to blame.


last time i checked, Ms Marvel had boobs and was sexy. Disney hates sexy things. even goody two-games Nintendo likes sexy things


The movie looks bad but none of that is the reason LMAO.

Who cares if men are the bad guys and women are the good guys. We’ve had the reverse plenty – I didn’t hear any women complaining about Thor Ragnarok.

The bigger problems with the movie, going by the trailer, are flat delivery and a by-the-numbers plot. Neither of which have anything to do with feminism or the patriarchy or the faux-outrage thereof.


Also this sounds suspiciously like the alt-right fever dream before Black Panther released.

“Too inclusive, it’s gonna bomb!” “Can’t believe Marvel’s pandering to BLM!” “There’s gonna be a huge anti-white sentiment after this releases.”

Literally none of it turned out to be true. People have been anticipating Marvel’s first big bomb for years, and while it may indeed end up being Captain Marvel, history has taught that it’s not wise to bet against the MCU.


Because that’s Ms. Marvel and NOT Captain Marvel.


On a decidedly non-MCU tangent, I finally got around to Isle of Dogs. Weird and quirky as expected. Worth checking out.


Shrug. Looks good to me. Definitely gonna see it in theater!


Honestly, how many arch fiends and villains in films are female? LMAO

Since they had the first trailer emphasizing HERo. I expect it to carry over to the film and from what I’ve seen there are hints that it does.

Is it for certain? No. But they haven’t shown anything particularly interesting at all so far.


I’m just pointing out that the objective of equality only extends in one direction and for things that are seen as positive like being a hero as opposed to a villain.

The reason this all bothers me is because we could very well end up with another Mary Sue like Rey from Star Wars.

How do you write a story right now, that shows a female character take the lead AND suffer enough to be relatable and believable when they rise above? How can you show a woman say lose a hand like Luke did or struggle with self doubt without that being considered sexist?

I think it’s not possible without backlash of some sort right now. And that’s for a hero, let alone a villain that commits atrocity for the entertainment / benefit of it.



Looks good. Moar ant man!



Wreck it Ralph 2 was very unexpected. The Princesses scene was gold too


Aquaman was good.

Only one quick line referencing Steppenwolf. Otherwise, nothing tying it to the other DC films.

Yes, there is a mid-credit scene. No, there is nothing after the credits.


Good to know about the credits so I don’t sit the whole time like a fool lol


SPOILER FREE comments:

It was fun. Not all action. Much more of an adventure film than people might expect. Has a few legitimate laughs in it, too. Doesn’t take itself too seriously, but just serious enough. It is definitely more on the Wonder Woman side of things than the Justice League/BvS side of things. No pandering to the expectation of stupid audience.

I saw it in the 3rd row of the theater, because all the scenes behind that were taken. None of us had an issue that close. Movies look great and the most colorful of anything in the DC Universe so far. Black Manta has a great montage scene. Very short, but it reminded me of Tony Stark in Iron Man. And there may or may not be a giant enemy crab that needs to be attacked in its weak spot for massive damage.


Saw spiderverse today. What “SJW-y” moments were you talking about. Aside from minorities existing it doesnt dwell on anything.


I believe he was talking about Captain Marvel. Correct me if I’m wrong, Grundy


I was responding to grundy’s response to my comment about spiderverse’s reviews. It was from before captain marvel came up.