Already looks better than the 3DS Snorefest


I think they did a decent job with the Pokémon even though the CGI is better looking on some more than others.


I can’t get behind Pokemon looking like that, this is on the same level as how I felt when they made a live action Dragonball Z movie. Only this looks like the plush toys came to life and it just… unsettled me.


Just imagine what Pokémon would look like if they were actually real lol. Jigglypuff looks super weird with fur I always thought that it would be rubbery looking since it’s a balloon Pokémon. Like I said some look better than others. I think I’ve actually seen that Jigglypuff on DeviantArt.


That’s the thing, I don’t think I ever imagined Pokemon as “real” it’s always been something confined to Anime and maybe plush toys. It’s kinda like I don’t ever imagine Pokemon giving birth or having sex.


See I think about what Pokémon would be like if they were real probably way more than a 30 year old man should. Pikachu looks ok but Jigglypuff is wrong. I always thought it’s curl was like a twist in a balloon animal not an actual hair curl.

Mr. Mime is perfect just as creepy as I would expect. Also he’s silent unlike his anime self. A mime won’t go around yelling “Mr. Mime” lol.

Basically they feel how I do…


I saw Doctor Strange the other night. I thought it was great!


I thought it was a talking Pikachu, like Meowth. I didn’t think it was pretty much PokéMon Whisperer.

It does look amusing enough.

Jigglypuff doesn’t creep me out because of the fur, but because of the face:



I like all the designs so far. They are all varying degrees of unsettling, but that kinda works for me.


The “Open Your Eye” scene… oh how I would give to see that in 3DVR.


The biggest complaint seems to be the action in Girl in the Spider’s Web. I’m sorry but I thought it was pretty entertaining. Idk how close it follows the source material, I know the original author died and didn’t write that book. Maybe it is just an actiony book, idk.


That Pokemon movie does look damn good. And Ken Watanabe in the house!


Photo from the Monster Hunter movie lol Had no idea Tony Jaa was in it.


I’ll probably see it sometime. I have always found Milla Jovovich compelling. She has a great screen presence.


Looks like Resident Evil B.C. or something


Spiderverse is crushing it on rotten tomatoes


I recently watched Layer Cake with Daniel Craig, first time in a very long time. It is a very good British crime movie. I can’t wait to watch it again sometime soon.

Soon I will be watching Constantine City of Demons, Halloween (original, first time all the way through) and Jumanji with Dwayne Johnson.


I got into a screening with my buddy who got it offered to him over PSN.

It was good, a couple SJW’y moments but not horrible. Worth seeing when it’s actually out.


Constantine City of Demons, 7.5-8 out of 10. Matt Ryan reprises his role. It was solid, the ending was somber and drives home the idea that magic has consequences.


Saw a report, dunno if true

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