If it’s anything like the other Shout Factory Special Edition Releases, it’ll likely have new interviews with some of the crew, new audio and video transfer, all the special features from past releases, TV spots and trailers.

It just depends on what they get their hands on. The Thing had so much new features that it needed to take up 2 disks while In the Mouth of Madness only had like 3 new features.

They tend to release what the special features are a month or two before release.


I saw A Star is Born and it was magical, both the soundtrack and movie hold a special place in my heart like The Bodyguard, it brought me to tears. It’s also the first thing Lady Gaga has done that I can say hands down is better than The Fame.



I would like to see it. I’ve heard great things about it from lots of people.



I think Nu Peni has stolen the show. and my heart


I finally saw Return of the Living Dead for the first time. What fun. Very unique take on the zombie genre, and there is a petite punk chick naked the whole movie with a Ziggy Stardust haircut.


I’ve only been recommending that movie here for like 8 years. :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally watched House of 1000 Corpses after a friend told me it was so amazing and a cult classic and all that. For the record, this is Rob Zombie, so I didn’t believe him.

It was okay. There is something about Rob Zombie films. I think it’s the soullessness of them, it just rubs me the wrong way. I remember disliking The Devil’s Rejects. I’m going to revisit that one, though.

As for good horror, I saw The Void. I’ll just say that it reminded me of Silent Hill and The Evil Within.


The Void sounds like something I want to see.


Go forth.


I just watched The Babadook. I hated it. It’s a visceral hatred.


I really hated it too!


House of 1000 Corpses won’t leave my mind. I wish I hadn’t watched that. Blah.


If you didn’t like The Devil’s Rejects (to me Rob Zombie’s best movie) then you would have HATED House of a 1000 Corpses.

I first saw that movie when it came out and left dissatisfied. I just didn’t like it. The Devil’s Rejects I did like quite a bit.

A couple of years ago I saw 1000 Corpses again and I like it a LITTLE bit more, but mainly because of the characters. Still not a good movie. The main criticism about the movie is that it’s like a Rob Zombie music video, which doesn’t really work because some his music videos (Living Dead Girl being my most favorite Rob Zombie song) are infinity better than that.

I did see his last movie, 31. I mainly watched it because it was said that it was his best movie since The Devil’s Reject, and while that is certainty true, it’s still not as good.

Now, when he’s not touring, he’s making a third movie of the Firefly Family called 3 From Hell.

If there is one good thing I can say about House of a 1000 Corpses is that I really do like it’s theme song quite a lot.


Great. Now I’ve gotta watch Ready Player One.




Saw Halloween 2018.

I enjoyed it, certainly a better direction than what we’ve seen in the past. Things are looking up for the franchise at least right now.

I’d give it a B.


Babadook is pretty good.


I just saw The Girl in the Spider’s Web and honestly I highly enjoyed it.

As a fan of the series I was nervous going in but Claire Foy was more than adequate and the new Blomkvist actor did well despite looking de-aged like 10 years or so lol

Sylvia Hoeks (who was also Luv on Blade Runner 2049) did great as Lisabeth’s sister.

This movie was Lisabeth Salander’s Skyfall in my opinion.

I’d give it 8.5-9 out of 10. I may be able to give a more concrete score once I think some more on it. Initial impression is very positive. I have seen it get subpar scores and I don’t understand why.


I. Want. To. SEEEE! This.


It actually looks good.