Picked up The First Purge, now to find time sometime to watch it. I wish I coulda made it in theaters.


Just watched it. It was pretty good. I think the social commentary while may be on the nose is necessary in current times.


A couple of friends and I are watching horror movies most days of October. We each take a turn and we don’t argue over each other’s choices. It’s mostly worked out. So far, out of 9 movies, I’d say only 2 of them were bad. We’ve had some funny debates over what counts as horror. Listen, Dreamcatcher is close enough. But we’ve ultimately agreed that it’s best not to be too rigid about what counts as horror. Though, as we get closer to Halloween, we’ll start doing a lot more Halloween-themed films.

This is my working list. What we’ve watched in bold.

Nothing But Trouble
Ninth Gate
Drag Me To Hell
It (2017)
The Lost Boys
I Know What You Did Last Summer
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Urban Legend
The 'Burbs
Prince of Darkness
Amityville: The Awakening
End of Days
The Faculty
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Ghosts of Mars


I used to watch those Know What You Did Last Summer movies sooooo much when I was a young teen lol


Nothing But Trouble.


I don’t know that Arachnophobia is really horror.


Nothing But Trouble is my troll pick. Plus, I enjoy it!


I used to watch it all the time in the 90s. It was on HBO and Cinemax like every day.


Waiting to get over this cold. Pulled a few bags out from stuff I bought a couple weeks back and haven’t gone through yet. Came across these. Found them at a dollar store. Figured it was worth it for a lark. Didn’t realize I bought two copies, though.



We’re gonna need another Timmy.


The “didn’t realize” part cracked me up lol



I saw Venom like a turd in the wind. It was like a 6.5-7. My expectations were insanely low because of reviews but it wasn’t abysmal.


I’m okay with this development.


Ryan Coogler is doing the Black Panther sequel.


Thank God for that.

Also, what I liked about Venom was the self-contained thing and not (in your face) end of the world massive building crumbling catastrophe storyline.


For some reason, YouTube Movies has the first five Rocky movies on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

First two are great. Third is fun. Fourth isn’t bad. I hear the fifth isn’t particularly great. Probably not the entirety of choices. I see The Terminator should also be there. Also, I see mention that Canadians may have to mask their location to enjoy them.


That’s great. I recently got the Rocky collection on Blu-Ray. It’s funny, the Amazon description features reviews for the first four movies and nothing for Rocky 5. It’s not a great movie. I think it has some redeemable aspects but it shouldn’t have been made and was done out of greed.


I saw this earlier today (they actually have like 30 something free movies up. Seems to be all MGM films, so I’m guessing they have some sort of streaming promo deal with them right now. But can anyone actually view them? I tried several links and all of them are giving me this…

BTW… the most important film they have up is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which is essential viewing for everyone and my favorite Steve Martin film.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is getting the Shout Factory Treatment coming out next year.


Anything special they’re doing for it? I have the DVD and Blu-Ray from MGM.