Shame on you for making me suffer that sadness! :cold_sweat:


i dont feel so good…



Anyone see Christopher Robin, Crazy Rich Asians or Happytime Murders yet?


No, but I almost saw Crazy Rich Asians at the drive-ins two weeks back.


How many romance movies were about the female character not being worthy?


Define “not being worthy.”


the woman is a weak and dependent mary sue


Look out Thanos!


Now I’m excited… for trailer 2, since it’ll hopefully be much better, lol.


A her o?

Oh boy. Not a great sign. I think this could be a Mary sue story possibly. Also she makes almost the same face in every shot of the trailer. Effects look weak to me too.

I fear those Sam Jackson scenes will be the only time we see Fury.

So far no hype from me on this film from that trailer.




Fucking disgusting Disney gave Kathleen Kennedy 3 more years of Star Wars. Literally feel ill. And sad :disappointed:

I love the franchise so much, IT DESERVES BETTER THAN THIS!!!


at this point, i just want to see the franchise burn to the ground. Right after the “middle trilogy”, it’s been nothing but pointless prequel-sequels for like 20 years. Now we get a new “forward trilogy” which is what i needed, but only ends up being as dull as 3 seasons of “The Adventures of Darth Vader who will not be evil yet, feat. Poochie”

and after it burns to the ground, let it rise from the ashes as it resurrects into a total reboot. Featuring the adventures of Luke Skywalker, wise-cracking renegade bounty hunter, with his friends Han Solo the edgy brooding badass who shoots first, second and third. Chewie, the bad-english talking scruffy bear who prefers fists over firepower. and lastly, Leia. she’s not a princess or from another planet. but she’s a woman and smarter than the rest of the team because she’s a woman GRRRRL POWER STRONG AND INDEPENDANT. and Darth Vader? who’s that? no no, the new main bad guy is Supreme Overlord Grievous. he hates organics and wields four lightsabers. and it’s animated by Derrick J Wyatt…for television. new episodes everyday at 6am.


I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say we are all going to stay away from Episode IX when it comes out.


At least do so for a week or two, if you really do want to see it I’d recommend waiting to send them a message at least, let’s scare them a week or two. I don’t plan on going at all but if I break it won’t be until it is nearly out of theaters. I’ll try HARD not to.


That KINDA happened in the old EU but it was Luke’s descendent (great great great great grandhild or something) with Star Wars Legacy.

I am currently reading it and it is actually pretty good.


All my interest has been evaporated.

Marvel is going to go the exact same way. So while I’ve made my peace with Star War being officially dead. Marvel’s films are next up for the gallows.


at least, surprisingly, the Marvel movies are doing very very well. here’s hoping Infinity War 2 wont be the crash-burn point til maybe what comes after