Monster Hunter: World

Seems we need a dedicated thread for this now. :slight_smile:

Got an Anjanath Gem while the Anjanath and the Devilijo was fighting it out.

New Elder Dragon coming to Monster Hunter World shortly.

There is also a new Arch-Tempered Demon quests coming soon where you can hunt a Kirin and Vaal Hazak. They give a new armors called (y)Gamma. Kirin’s quest is June 7th - 21st, while Vaal Hazak’s is 22- July 5.

Beating Lunastra’s quest will allow you to get a new mantel that will allow you to nullify powerful attacks by automatically doing evasive maneuvers.

Then there will be various bug fixes.

Still no pausing while offline/solo play though.

Looks like a Final Fantasy beast.


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