I havent got it yet is it worth the money? plz list pros and cons if u can.


It’s a good game, and it’s definitely very fun and satisfying. The art style does make you go “wow” the first few times you boot it up, but it is only 6 or so hours long. In addition, the game has frozen on me four times. The storyline is much deeper than you’d expect, but that should be no surprise when you look at the people behind it (Matsuno in particular).

If you loved God Hand, other beat-em-ups, or other Clover titles, you should buy it, as it is very replayable with the score/combo system and co-op minigames. If you don’t, consider renting or waiting for a price drop.


Worth 30 bucks maybe, but not 50.


ok cool…I went and reserved a game at gamestop and spoke with my friend who works there and he said it is a solid rental but I should wait till its price drops so I think thats what I’ll do ^_^. Ty guys for ur feed back


That’s where I’ve been on it. I like it, have played it, but since my gaming budget is a little slim atm, I can’t justify 50 on it (but I will get it as soon as i find it on sale for a bit less).


It’s a really good game. Very original and never repetitive.


It plays great with the Nunchakus. It’s mindless fun, and is worth the money. The commentators and the pimp are mad funny. The art style is very simplistic but equally mezmerising.

But the game is pretty easy (it’s like all the thugs think twice before hitting you. They basically strife around you waiting until you slaughter them, but the boss battles do have alot of challenge.) and the commentators tend to repeat themselves in-game. Those are my only problems.


well at least everything I hear is good so it will be a good thing for me to check out…Im gonna have to rent it soon!