Anybody else have a Letterboxd account? It’s a cool site for sharing what movies you’re watching and keeping track of what you’ve seen.

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Yup been using it for about a year. All I do these days is watch and review Shudder exclusives it seems lmao.

Oh hell yeah, Mullholland Drive.

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Mulholland Drive Bros :fist_right::fist_left:

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I have one but haven’t been updating it, mainly because I haven’t watched anything that interesting.

No, but I guess I should considering I’ve already seen 5 movies this year.

interesting site, I’ll check it out.

Just noticed they have a box to select your pronouns smh. Site looks good overall though so far.

I have one just never used it might try to do more with it. It should really open up to tv shows in this era of streaming.

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That reminds me, maybe should be added to Pugi.tv. :wink:

Yeah, it should really drive traffic.

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I would like if the site offered TV shows and other media.

Sorta like: https://rate.house/

But ultimately, something you can just stream together with friends is what I want. Making lists is great and all but, idk if I’d be able to routinely commit to it.

I like it because it forces me to re-examine every movie I watch after the fact to try and see it in a critical eye. I seem to get more out of movies this way, and tend to remember them better by doing so. Even more so if I add accompanying review text.

I also view watching a lot of movies important as I seek to develop my filmmaking skills. So for me Letterboxd is pretty much perfect, and I kinda would not want to see TV shows and everything else muddying up my feeds. We already have Meta Critic.

“This is a great candle, but I really wish it TASTED like cinnamon.”

It’s for movies. What do you want?

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Movies are a single piece of the entertainment industry.

Especially since the site is nothing more than light social media features mixed with box art and list making. It’s not like it’s a whole new medium.

Maybe this Yankee candle shop needs more candles than just vanilla?

Edit: it sounds harsh rereading it. I just think with everything streaming now and TV shows essentially are just long form episodic movies. They may as well be included.

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