Last Mega Tournament in the Trebek Era

My idea as follows:

This is the final megatournament of the Trebek era before he resigns/potentially declines in health.

Ken, Brad, and James get byes into the semifinal round. Each playing separately.

The show picks off the next 90 biggest winners in the Trebek era from David Madden to Bob Harris, according to this list: … nt-page-1/

(we’re also going to assume the top 5+ game winners of the 2017-2019 time period who are already in the top 90 will get at least $10,000 in the next ToC, thus qualifying them for this tournament, such as Fenster, Hill, Worman, etc.)

30 games in the preliminaries, starting with #1 seed, #60 seed, and #90 seed and then working its way up and down to #30 seed, #31 seed, and #61 seed. The winner of each match advances to the next round, the other two players are eliminated.

10 games in the wildcard round. 10 winners and 8 wildcards given to the next highest scorers. So we have 18 people advancing to the quarterfinals.

6 games in the quarterfinal round: The winner of each game will automatically advance to the semifinals. Now here’s the catch. Each winner must then CHOOSE which Titan they want to face off against between Ken, Brad, and James. The highest scoring winner will get the first choice, and the lowest scoring winner will get the final choice. Thus, heading to the semifinals…

Each game in the semifinals will be a two-game total point affair, matches between Ken & co, James & co, and Brad & co.

Thus the finals between the top 3 winners of the tourney. This may limit the chance of a Ken/Brad/James final (although it’s likely still gonna be the outcome), but it would give other potential big names like Larissa Kelly, Alex Jacob, David Madden, etc to excel in potentially dethroning any of them.

I am probably getting way too excited about the prospect of this actually happening.

If you’re not interested in this at all, just scroll past this thread and move on, pls don’t ruin my excitement.

Open to suggestions to improve the format too. This is just for fun too obviously…