Kingdom Hearts III ✪

Out January 29, along with Utada’s new singles. <3

:shocked: :stuck_out_tongue:

"The ones you wish to save… already belong to me." :bow2:

Yo yo yo, the end of this… :fearful:

Anyone know what Sora says? It’s not in the English trailers.

At first I was like “oh shit they got Greymon up in this bitch” lol but it’s just a knockoff.

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Even though i have it pre-ordered it’ll be a while before i get to play it. Don’t know if I’ll play the PS4 re-releases of KH 1 & 2 as well prior to 3 which i have in my backlog.

I’m also not that excited for this game but maybe that’ll change near release.

Between this and Resident Evil 2, 2019 is starting off awesomely.

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I want to love this series. I played part of 1 but the combat was a huge turn off for me. I understand it prob gets way better in sequels so I need to get over it.

Oh, yeah. It’s in Kingdom Hearts 2 when the combat gets good. If Birth By Sleep 0.2 is any indication, Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to have the best combat in the series.

That Infinity War style trailer did a way better job than all of the trailers I’ve seen for the game. I’m actually a little excited now.


Well considering it is the last one, it BETTER have the best or it would be back treading lol

Nah there’s going to be more KH games for sure. This is just the last of the Xehanort saga.

I meant latest, most current, not LAST last lol My bad

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Holy shittttttttt awesome

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Utada made Skrillex good somehow. What a goddess.

It’s up there with Sanctuary and the Dream Drop Distance intro version of Simple and Clean.

Watching the last 30 minutes of At World’s End and thinking about how much I can’t WAIT to play that world.

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I’m sure the game’s ending is going to be great

as long as the ending isn’t “Sora goes back in time and prevents all of the events from happening thus making everything that happened in the previous games pointless.”

Secret Ending Spoilers

If this implies what I think (Sora and Riku and dichromatic eyes guy are in REAL WORLD JAPAN) then it’s totally bonkers and nutsy and I’m completely on board.

KH4+ with possibly no Disney?

Working on Platiuming Kingdom Hearts III. That Tangled Dancing Minigame took me nearly a damn hour to get.

I’m guessing this game is a lot easier to platinum than RE 2?

There is no difficulty specific trophies. It’s still going to take a long time though. My game time is 50 hours and it took me about 33 hours to beat the main game. That is about 17 hours getting all the treasures, mickey games, lucky emblems, and most of the minigames to the highest score.

The last minigame I need to do is get 17 million points on Verum Rex.

Then there is creating the Ultima Weapon. I just need one more Orichalcum+ to make it. There is only 7 in the game and you use that JUST for the Ultima weapon. Most of it is easy to get. The hardest is the last 3. Get all 10 treasures on the Shield Sliding minigame from Frozen, not all at once. You’ll need to do it multiple times. Get the highest possible score in ALL Flantastic Seven minigames, you know you’ll get it when it jumps in excitement and gives you 3 of their respect fruit. And defeat all 5 Galaxy Bosses from your Gummi Ship. Apparently, these are some of the hardest bosses in the game. I only have a level 35 Gummi Ship.

That’s not even all the trophies. I have 13 trophies left til Platinum.

The thing that Fucking Sucks about all of this is that I know I won’t be able to bring my Ultima Weapon from Playthrough to Playthrough, which makes me wonder why I’m even doing all this…


As it turns out the Gummi Stuff was much easier than I thought. Keep in mind that I did do the Constellations first and then I got the Bismarck to fight the Schwarzgeist. After that it became so easy that it didn’t take long at all to beat all 5 Galaxy Bosses. I started at 36 and by the end of it I was 51.

The hardest part was Schwarzgeist. Expert dodging had to be involved and a close thumb at my Health Upgrade (you can heal yourself with this). At level 36 it took me about 38 minutes to do it healing myself once my health was at 50%. That will be the most difficult part. Once you beat it, you’ll get a couple cool new ships. I went with Golden Highwind it is O-FUCKING-P. It blasted through those Galaxy Bosses like Smooth Butter.

Those Flantastic Seven gave me a much bigger grief than everything else in the game.

I see. As expected i guess.

Don’t know if you’ve played FF XV but if how does it compare KH 3’s trophies?

Btw, i have XV installed… Just haven’t played it. lol