Just How Powerful Are The Angels In Dragon Ball Super?

I’ve always been fascinated by Whis and his kind. We’ve seen him train Goku and Vegeta without much effort and took on Broly without breaking a sweat.

Do you guys think we will ever get a tournament of the Angels in a future Dragon Ball spin off? I’d love to see it. However, I get the feeling the anime may not want to give power levels to them to keep them mysterious.

I can’t really see them letting Goku get to their level but who knows. I kind of enjoy them how they are.

Depends on if there’s more Dragon Ball or not.

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lololololol that’s a good one, Barc!!

Well in the tournament of power when Goku goes Ultra Instinct the gods of destruction are worried but the angels don’t seem that surprised.

Are the Angels more powerful than the Gods?

I know Goku fought Beerus in Super Saiyan God form but that was a long time ago and since then I feel Goku has become more powerful. So, if theoricaly speaking Goku is more powerful than a God, is he still no match for the angels?

Most likely. Beerus seems to sweat and the other gods freak out when Goku goes Ultra Instinct Whis knows the first time it won’t last and Beerus even asks Whis if he’s mastered it. If Beerus were more powerful why would he have to ask Whis if Goku mastered Ultra Instinct?

Yes. Whis trained Beerus. Whis would beat them all lol He clicked his fingers and not only reversed time but also clicked his fingers and brought Freiza back with no effort.

Yeah seriously the angels are the most powerful beings besides Zeno.


Whis the strongest in Dragon Ball

Yeah, Zeno is the all-powerful one. Currently.

Ox King
King Kai
Supreme Kai
God of Destruction Beerus
TWO Zenos

Probably can’t even fight and doesn’t need to. Just can click his fingers or will it and it happens lol Like Dr. Manhattan basically.

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