Judgement- New Yakuza Team title


I have to say Judge Eyes was my game of show at the Sony preTGS conference. From the creators of Yakuza. The trailer absolutely blew me away.

Coming to Japan in Dec. and WEST in 2019. Day 1 baby.



I read that there is a demo available on the Japanese psn. I hope this os bigger than Yakuza though. It looks stunning in motion but they need to make a bigger world/kabukicho/kamurocho


Yeah. I think this uses Kamurocho too.


Thank God because I have this pre-ordered. The U.S. title of Judge Eyes is Judgement.

And if you don’t know, an actor in the game was busted for cocaine and the game was pulled off shelves and offline in Japan. We didn’t know how this would bode for the U.S. release. We now have our answer.


Fucked up they have to go this far when the guy only said he did a small amount of coke. If he was a drug dealer and sold to someone who OD I would understand but doing a line shouldn’t ruin your life forever.


Yeah they must have Zero tolerance over there. Kind of shocked me.


Nose candy is frowned upon but train groping is a national past time? FOH!

The game is pretty damn sweet. Like a cross between Sleeping Dogs and Yakuza (even though Yak always had it’s own chase scenes)