ITT: Music Sharing, Music Blogs, etc.


Hey everyone, let’s share some of our favorite albums (preferably by a mediafire upload) or share some of your favorite music blogs. For those not in the know, a music blog is a place where people upload albums onto hosting sites like mediafire or rapidshare then post links to them on blogspot or wordpress. You can usually find them by going to and searching “album name”.

I run this one with Nothere413:


I don’t know why I never thought to post this before-hand.


I dont know any music blogs :frowning:


Isn’t this illegal in some way?

Doesn’t really matter though lol


[quote=“Dartht33bagger”]Isn’t this illegal in some way?

Doesn’t really matter though lol[/quote]

We’re not hosting anything on Trex’s site. And he doesn’t condone illegal music.


Go find some man! I have spent hours finding new ones and new music in general. It’s great.

And yes, it’s illegal. Well not for this forum, Wordpress, Mediafire, just for me and nothere. I don’t like to think of the legality of the issue, just music fans connecting with music fans.


I usually just browse These days I’ve been getting most of my suggestions from the Rebel FM podcast or random people I follow on Twitter.

Fav albums

“If These Trees Could Talk” self titled.

If These Trees Could Talk- Above the Earth, Below the Sky

I think the best descritption I can give of them is they sound like Pinback only harder and there are no vocals.

Idiot Pliot- Wolves "Like someone threw screamo, Muse, and 8-bit tunes in a blender"

Mastodon- Crack the Skye (They say it’s metal but I like it so it must not be true >_>)


I just sit on Pandora most the time to find new artist.


Crack the Skye seems more like an experience rather an album. The ATL music scene is sooooooooo good. Also Gamer, use it’s much better.


I torrent and use

Don’t really do none of this shtuff.


I get music from friends and itunes, and of course other methods :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite albums atm are:

Ride the Lightning - Metallica

Iowa - Slipknot


Er… do I even need to say it? I’ve got most of the pillows cds which I can upload.


Heh, The Pillows are alright. I have all three FLCL OST’s.

I could upload all of my Pain, which is near impossible to find except for uh…cough paying. I got so fed up I sucked it up and bought it online, but that was like a year ago. In the meantime I’ve picked up the CD’s.