I hate you, Internet!


The internet is great an all but there’s one thing I hate about it…How quickly you can spend money. Without even getting out of my chair, I’ve spent about $50.


For $17.99, I bought the last available copy of We are the Strange off of Amazon.


Then I bought Break of Reality’s new CD Spectrum of the Sky for $15.98.



Then I bought the most bad ass t-shirt I’ve seen in awhile for $25 from Jinx.


Good thing Paul wears the pants financially amirite? :smiley:


That’s why I love blogs.

People are s**t poor and only getting the truly worthy.


_> He bought Infamous today and that was $60. I got more for less!


Your finances are doomed. :stuck_out_tongue:


It surprises me how lazy I have got since the internet has started. I pay all my bills, Christmas shopping etc etc. I spend too much time in this chair.


Yeah we got to get out and see the world! opens window sits back at the comp There we go :stuck_out_tongue: