I guess I missed this. Ads in games?

Oh snap

I haven’t played this stuff but ads in games seriously.

These companies are going crazy on monetization.

The good thing is Microsoft and Sony are touting load times so they’ll be pissed if major releases do this crap.

Can’t wait for the future where if it isn’t pollution that’s choking everyone, it’s all of the endless ads that you can’t avoid.

maybe itd be great if all games had ads during loading. just the short, skipable kind or something billboard-style. that, or more interactive loading screens…

or how about no more loading screens? I thought Naughty Dog figured that out long ago

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I don’t think I’ve seen the clickable ads in a long time. It’s always commercials that I end up seeing on YouTube.

You can see the little yellow blip in the stream time so you know when it is coming. I get them from time to time. Other times, the commercial will just pop up in the middle of the video, which is even more annoying.

I just thought it was funny that his commentary in the 3rd act was about how he’d hate for gamers to go the way of paying Youtube premiums to not see ads… just as ads begin appearing on his video (which he opted into for monetizing his channel)… while complaining about ads.


does no one have adguard?

Doesn’t work on games. Anyways it always starts small then filters into every game.

I use adblock, but not on YouTube because there are creators I actually want to support with ads on.

I would much rather remove my own kidney with a dull rusty knife than watch an ad.

I shudder to think how bad monetization schemes are going to get next gen.