Halo 3 Reach Announced

Yep. “Falls” 2010.

When you buy Halo 3: ODST (9-22-09) you will get a invitation to the multiplayer beta of Reach. No information of Halo 3 Reach has been given except a mysterious video.

It sounds like Bungie is not done with Halo for a while.

I like how it Falls 2010. Its cool playing a game where true fans already know the fate of all the characters that will be involved with the Fall of Reach. Really cool cant wait! SO HYPED FOR THIS. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what drew them back into it?


[quote=“nothere413”]I wonder what drew them back into it?


Yup I dont mind I loves me some Halo.

Hmm, yeah, you really out to leave the “3” out of that.

It’s Halo: Reach

no “3”

I cannot wait!!!