Gotham ✪ OmgitZsasz!


Been behind and am finally caught up. I enjoyed the Ogre arc quite a bit.


Yeah it was good…but Barb was a bit misleading. In the ending of th3 first episode it looked like she was super excited and ready for the bloodlust when she saw the room…but then she wasnt down for it anymore.


Yeah the end didn’t make much sense to me either with her. She almost acted brainwashed but I think she was just supposed to be traumatized… right? lol Idk.


Yeah, her outcome today matched what i mentioned earlier but not her r action from last week


Just finale watched the finale. While I enjoyed it, it was still strange to me how Barbara acted lol That is out of left field.

Edit: Ha ha no that wasn’t a pun, it was a typo I just noticed but I am leaving it cause it is clever lol


Typos rule.
also, it was the finale? Thought we had 1 more :frowning:
cant wait for flash and shield this week, yippeeeeeee


Yeah it was the last. I am not gonna lie I am glad Fish and Maroni died, though fish probbaly isn’t dead, falling in water isn’t convinving enough to me.


I think they gave the fans…“fans”…what they wanted but still left the door open to do whatever they may want to in the future… …“future”.

It was weak though.

Now the Maroni bit. Shocked the heck outta me!

I loved him toying with Fish. I honestly couldn’t believe that either. It just got real rude and uncomfortable real quick. And her reactions to it each time… SQUEEEE!

That blue contact though. Ugh. Get a budget and good CG next time. My god. I could hardly see it. Pissed me off Everytime she blacked


I thought the dialogue between Fish and Maroni was too over the top fake.

Also, nobody suspects the Penguin wandering around while you celebrate and finding a gun to spray you with. Classic idiot plot, as in Fish would have to be an idiot to forget about him after she’s partially motivated to stay alive because of him and the shit hes done.

Catgirl should have shot somebody.


I cant look at her anymore thanks to ken mentioning gerard way a while back…especially when she was one of fish’s goons. Straight outta MCR video





Catgirl was truly a disappointment. I don’t know WHERE that came from. She’s as effed up as Gotdon’s ex girlfriend.


First 8 (kinda) titles for the final season of Gotham…

Gotham – Episode 5.01 – Year Zero

Gotham – Episode 5.02 – Trespassers

Gotham – Episode 5.03 – Penguin, Our Hero

Gotham – Episode 5.04 – Ruin

Gotham – Episode 5.05 – Pena Dura

Gotham – Episode 5.06 – The Air is Getting Slippery

Gotham – Episode 5.07 – TBA

Gotham – Episode 5.08 – I Am Bane


Ugh. I am Bane is named after that shitty Tom King arc in the current Batman run.


That premiere was horrendous. What a dumpster fire :lol:

So sick of Oswald’s plot armor too. Like he coulda done what he did. Come on guys, at least try!!!


Lol, Gordon rockin the trench though, that has to count for something right?

As a legit comic fan Ken, do you think that the series takes place in old Gotham that was mentioned in the 2nd game? It was just something the crossed my mind when I saw the recap of the bridge collapsing.


Well this is based on the actual comic arc No Man’s Land. But if you want to read about Old Gotham check this out


But to asnwer your question, personally I don’t know. I doubt it because Old Gotham’s heyday was when Bruce wasn’t even born.


Ah so its pre Bruce , alright. I’m just happy they went into production knowing it was the end that way no matter how ridiculous it gets, we should get a proper ending.


Looks like the Mutant Leader was in this week’s episode.