Gotham ✪ OmgitZsasz!


Lol the guy begging Jim at the end was Rat on Sons of Anarchy.

I agree with Edward though, Miss Kringle is a total babe!


I dont see it. When I first saw her i was like “she should be flattered and not uppity” besides the getup being hot librarian like, im not a fan of her head


This is my first time seeing this as well, this is what she looks like when not on Gotham…


Ahh snap, just saw the title for tonight’s episode. Excited to watch, see ya in 60.


As a comic fan I am having more and more issues with the show. As a mindless drone, however, it is entertaining.


The show is hit and miss. I enjoy some parts of it a lot others leave me going wtf? This last episode though I found mostly enjoyable compared to others.

Worst part of the latest episode was when bullock was talkin to the lady from the support group and they cut a shot of her saying something that wasn’t being said audibly. Expert editing fail.

Though the episode reminded me of Snatch which I welcome greatly. I wish Brick Top was Professor Pyg.



Lol That totally was a nod and wink to Professor Pyg.

Here is my biggest problem with the show. EVERY single villain apparently is fucked up from the start. None apparently have a normal life then just one day snap when Batman is around.

If they mess with Mr. Freeze then come back to this thread and I will prob be going off lol


Well idk that part hasn’t bothered me as much as you I think. Catwoman is kind of a villain sorta and she’s fairly normal for being a street orphan. Scarecrow’s dad is messed up but Scarecrow if that’s him as a kid doesn’t seem ruined YET.

There’s also Nigma. He’s not criminal he’s just odd and really lacks the ability to cope with social anxieties. He’s logical and cold but still have a bubbling of human emotion somewhere. Just enough to hurt when he’s a social pariah or when he catches feelings for Miss Kringle and she sorta kinda maybe sends signals back his way.

I think the show is just trying to start things off when conflict already in progress. There are so many characters it’s hard to follow them all through their eventual corruption. I’d be surprised if they do it with someone like you said like Mr. Freeze or even Harvey Dent.

I wish Fish Mooney would die btw. I really dislike her most of the time. Not in a good way, like I hope that villain gets what’s coming to them.

I just want her off the show or someone else to write / play her.


I wish Fish Mooney would die btw. I really dislike her most of the time. Not in a good way, like I hope that villain gets what’s coming to them.

I just want her off the show [/quote]

I agree. She is JUST a bitch and not likable at all imo lol Let her die but keep her right hand man guy, he is alright.


Holy shit! The sneak preview at the end of last nights episode just gave me the cchills!

I thought the next episode wouldve introduced a different family after thw docs date proposal at the end…but nope.


I still can’t get over the fact that a show whose initial promotion relied heavily upon the Batman Childhood aspect, has him as the most irrelevant character ever. Boggles me. I don’t even like the little screentime that he does get.

I’m loving the new Villain promos though. I hadn’t realized that cute nerdy doctor was the Riddler.

And while I like Fish, they make it too easy for her. Dominance should not come that easy. She escaped torture with no effort and all he did was Ziplock bag her for a minute. Really?

And last night. All they had to do was jump her. Really 1 dude would have been enough. She is not intimidating without her crew. Those a grown men.


She’s a horrible character imo and they handle her poorly.

As far as young master wayne. I think they’re building to him and getting a lot set pieces out there on the board. Things for him to run into as he finally gets down to exploring his own state of mind and the murder of his parents. There should be some sort of super villain underground going before he gets started. That’s what he should find as he explores what he can of the crime element in the city.

Basically the crime facilitates the need for the Batman later on. Otherwise it’s the cart before the horse.

That said they need to fix some things in this shoe as time goes on. It can’t just be people bouncing Penguin back and forth.


I am having lots of issues with it the more it goes on. But I acknowledge that I wouldn’t if I didn’t know a thing about the canon.


I highly enjoyed tonights episode except for the Mooney scenes lol


Got-Ham? Is on right now though and it is alright so far. I look forward to Kevin Smith’s discussion about the series on his next Fatman on Batman podcast.


I liked it. That terrible cg was terrible though.

And I wish they had stayed consistent with Fish’s blue eye. The reveal was intense CG blue. The rest was a dingy faded blue contact.

Why did she stab her eye out? I didn’t watch the last episode.


I think so the guy couldn’t take both her eyes like he was going to. So she took one out and smashed it lol


/happydance … ont-779767


The way that article read, they made it sound as if Taylor got so popular that they didn’t need her anymore.

Wonder who will make the publicity rounds for the show once she’s gone because she’s clearly the most notable actor and she’s doing it now.

Basically, the guy who plays THE MAIN CHARACTER ought to feel like $h#t because ain’t anybody ever talking about him. Does anyone come to this show for him? lol

Because if I’m not mistaken…he use to be the point…then the show debuted. And well…$h#t lol.


Milo Ventriloquist from Heroes coming here. … 201366256/