Gotham ✪ OmgitZsasz!


Not a huge fan of Dent. Should be in the age group of Bruce and Selina. But no, in the Gotham TV series universe Bruce Wayne as Batman will be fighting a geriatric Two-Face. And the actor doesn’t look right.

Dat ending though was pleasing to the eye :astonished:


Lol, was thinking the same about 2 face being a geezer but i felt like he could’ve been maybe penguins age or a bit younger instead of a kid bruce.


Geezer? If Bruce is 12 and Harvey is say 30, Bats could be 25 while Harvey is only 43. Hardly a “geezer” but perhaps in need of henchmen, which isn’t out of the ordinary.

Bats being 30 Harvey would only be 48. It’s really not as bad as I think people feel it is. I also think it would increase the villains crutch of relying on firearms to fight the Bat while Batman relies on his prowess physically and ingenuity.


How old is batman normally or is it never mentioned? I could easily see the 25 year old vs a 43 year old two face when i look back at the few versions I’ve seen but then i wouldn’t believe Gordon was 43 - 47…unless the stress of being thenonly clean cop has really took its toll on him.

Lol, I just took the image of Gordon always being an old guy with gray hair on his head and face not matching what im used to seeing from Dent


That’s cause Gordon is between 15 or 25 years older than Dent or more lol Supposed to be, but this series apparently needed another villain.

Idc what anyone says, personally I don’t like Dent in this.

Bruce Wayne is prob in his early 40s or something at this point. Idk how old he is supposed to be in Year One. They never really talk age. Granted this New 52 one is supposed to have been only Batman for 5 ( ::slight_smile: ) years. So depending on which continuity he is differently aged.


Batman is like 30 in New 52. In Year One he must have been 24-26.


I want a riddler spin off show thanks to gotham.


What about original canon? You think 40s?


Yeah, 40s easily. Probably 45 even. He’d been at it for a long ass time (like 70 years amirite, lololol.)


Do we know for sure Harvey is going to become Two Face in this? Because Bruce and he should have years of a friendship first shouldn’t they?


I don’t think the showrunners give a shit honestly.


I don’t think he’s going to be Two Face or a Villain. An interview with him was stressing how much of an ally to Gordon he’s going to be.

That said, that doesn’t mean he can’t still have a dark side, like he did in The Dark Knight when he kidnapped and tortured that dude. The Two Face persona reveals Harvey’s true nature, but it was there under the surface the entire time. That’s his character and that’s why he’s a tragic figure.



I don’t think the showrunners give a shit honestly.[/quote]

Right they don’t have to follow the old formula. But everyone is freaking out that he’s Harvey and that he’s Two Face. But they could easily just leave him as Harvey for the run of the show.

I wouldn’t think the Riddler would be appearing for instance anytime soon if at all.


Yeah they CAN’T have him Two-Face basically. Cause bats is existing when that happens.


I mean, it’s a self-contained TV show. They can do whatever they want. Smallville played fast and loose too.


So does Arrow. There are more Gotham City characters it seems like than Star City lol I fucking LOVE Arrow though. My favorite series active right now.


At least they had Superman fly.

/begins to cry

/mans up and becomes angry instead



So does Arrow. There are more Gotham City characters it seems like than Star City lol I fucking LOVE Arrow though. My favorite series active right now.[/quote]

I really enjoy Arrow, but sometimes idk. I was getting mad when people weren’t recognizing him in season 2 then they did sort of address it verbally and things happened that made sense.

It is a great show, I just wish it wasn’t so gritty sometimes. Not that I want slapstick or anything but some brevity would be nice.

Also I don’t like Oliver sleeping around so much. I don’t care about who’s a slut or who’s a prude as I do think those titles matter ultimately. I just think his character doesn’t fit with it. It’s to Bond-esque to me.

But I’m almost totally caught up now finally.

I’ll also say this, after the first seeing Diggle being played by David Ramey I was a bit put off. I didn’t care for his character in Dexter but now Diggle is one of my favorites.

and lmfao at Manu Bennett starring alongside Cena in The Marine.

As far as Gotham. I’m loving the Penguin more and more as he gets more independent of fish. I hope they don’t waste his talent.


Hey, he flew!

…in the Season 10 comic continuation!


Diggle is fantastic. I never saw Dexter so the dude was new to me. What was he like in Dexter? lol

Also you are nearly caught up. Where are you at? Slade stuff?

Also yeah Penguin is extremely entertaining on Gotham.