Gotham ✪ OmgitZsasz!


Two classic episodes! The bottom is from the episode A Bullet for Bullock I believe, one of my favorites.


Wow, Harvey actually being a good cop 10 years ago and kind of in the present.

I guess it wasn’t a scarecrow episode after all.

Also…dat coffee mug! Great seeing him in so much of this episode.

LOL @ The Penguin tub scene when he was squirting water with his palms. I instantly thought of that dbz episode where goku and gohan were taking a boiling hot bagh in a oil drum and goku started to do that same thing and was squirting water at gohan. That little filler arc was full of goofyness.


Fell asleep through the entire thing. I feel like I should be mad. I’m not.


Lol, i guess he didnt lose everything in a card game to penguin this time. Dude looks extra familiar but he was cery cool.

Edit: what an ending.


Lol The show isn’t perfect but it is not bad either. It is still kind of a strange bird to me (pun not intended).


Lol, so i just googled the episode and he was in the flash episode as the mist. Explainsin why he looked so familiar


Ohhh that guy. I thought he was the one guy on Snowpiercer and he is not. Another dude bald,with no eyebrows.


To think he only had 26


^^^ That is one FUCKED up story arc lol What he does is (I’ll spoil tag it I GUESS) rents out an old dog kennel then capture orphans and kids and has a kid fight club with them. Damian Wayne goes off and nearly kills him at the end.

I own the Streets of Gotham trades. They are great. Dick Grayson is Batman in them.


Not liking the fact that Leslie Thompkins (Baccarin) is going to be a love interest of Jim Gordon on the show. Not one bit.




So in other works, a throw away role. And didn’t his wife JUST leave. Dirty.


In Batman Year One, Jim Gordon (comic spoiler) cheats on his wife but it is with another cop or detective named Sarah Essen I think. They just stop then before it escalates and she has the decency to leave.


Was that the black mask?


His dad I guess because the first name wasn’t right.

I had an outburst when the kid introduced himself to Bruce as Tommy lol


Who was he? Is he the rival that hates him and steals his face in arkham city?


Tommy Elliot is Hush yeah. Idk if this kid really IS certainly Elliot though but it seems like he could be.


Son of a!.. that ending!..that preview!..

I hate that mid season finales is a thing now. Sure they always existed but ever since walking dead, others have been trying to mimic the same hype. Gotham just finished ondenand and the lasy talking about scandal or that get away with murder show had said the words midseason finale about 8 times in 3 sentences.


Yeah mid-season finale sucks. It is even worse when shows take 2 or 3 weeks off for no reason… Only to come back with 3 episodes or something.

I haven’t watched Harvey Dent Gotham yet


Wait to you see his moment. No spoilers necessary cuz you’ll know it when you see it!