Gotham ✪ OmgitZsasz!


Glad to see Miss Will Smith is finally earning her keep.

I truly like her in Gotham, even if her portrayal/acting can be inconsistent and a little…THICK/CONTRIVED.


The latest had some good moments and some bad, I think a tad bit more bad this time. It was OK. Of course I will keep watching, I don’t quit series’ easily and never even considered quitting Gotham so that is a good sign.


I’m not exactly committed so I could go at any moment. It’s a hot mess.

I really only like Jada. I’ll never get use to saying that.

Now if she tried to get any of her family guest spots up in this, I’m done.

Willow gonna be up on stage in that club and Imma flip $h!#.


The only problem I really have with the show at the moment. Is how does Gordon afford that posh ass mansion of an apartment?

It’s up there with Walking Dead’s Carol taking a secret shower for the reunion srsly.


Rent in Gotham is probably super low cause it’s such a hellhole, lol.


lol true.

Who the hell cleans it? Furnishes it? His woman? How can one find a woman that would say yes to the question, wanna come with me to the shittiest city on Planet Earth and delve deep into its’ criminal element?

Then there’s the shotacon element…


Now we know where his Robin lust came from… the cycle perpetuating again and again. :frowning:


It’s why the Robin’s can “age out” of his mentorship. Bane may have broken his back but the Joker broke something he loved much more dearly, with a crowbar.



It’s up there with Walking Dead’s Carol taking a secret shower for the reunion srsly.[/quote]

lol yas. Never stop leaning on that betch.


Carol is Rick and Rick is Shane

Carl is Poppa.


Finally watched it. I really like the feel of the show. It reminds me of those older movies filmed on Hollywood sets. I was being Gordon to call Edward for help with C.L.M until our became obvious to him.


[quote=“SolomonGrundy”]Carol is Rick and Rick is Shane

Carl is Poppa.[/quote]

Hama lama sima lama hama lama someone had to cut my baby sister out my Momma.

I’m so close to dropping Gotham it feels like it’s confused about it’s identity as a show. It can’t make up it’s mind if it’s campy or serious. The mixture of present day and olden day style is distracting.


Anyone have flash backs of gta3? Grand Theft Arkham.
but for real though, next weeks episode looks like it will be great! I find it a bit amusing too since ive always thought about the old stories of ichabod crane whenever i saw scarecrow…and now gotham airs before sleepy hollow.


Jada can be very hot.

Yeah next episode looks amazing!


Especially in red…and her “weapon” too.
That girl looks familiar, like someone who’s been in a few comercials.

Its weird that im starting to like the penguin…and its even crazier that i want more of the riddler. I just can’t wait to see what pushes him over the ledge…or if he already is bad but is doing a good job of keeping it under wraps like Dexter.


MORENA BACCARIN is going to be Leslie Thompkins!

Will be weird thinking of Leslie as… Hot though lol


She was on the O.C with Gordon too. I never seen her in homeland


What about Firefly! Please tell me you have seen Firefly!


walks away quietly

I never used to watch shows lime that back in the day. I only watched 30 sitcoms, stand up shows and specials, wwf/e.


I guess her character really is done on homeland. Well I’m excited to see her here.

Hopefully she provides a compelling character for Jada’s character to bounce off of.

I hope she resembles who she played in that ABC Alien Show.

PISSED that got cancelled! I loved the girl that played her daughter on there. I worked with a girl that resembled her.

Da Feeels Doe’