Gotham ✪ OmgitZsasz!


Anyone watching? Looks like they’re trying to roll out every last character they can for one final appearance this season. Looks like next week is BANE.


I am and i agree. They definitely want to go out with a bang and cram as many new characters as they can.

Now i know Bruce isn’t Batman yet but I’m a little tired of seeing him get his ass beat by regular criminals. lol

Also, loving Echo. She’s being Harley without being Harley and i like it a lot.


Sadly yes lol I have gone this far, might as well finish.


No turning back now. Gerard Way has been pissing me off this season more than usual though. Rofl!


This past episode was interesting, with some of the regular villains teaming up with Bruce, Alfred and Lucius to break everyone out of jail. Next week is supposed to be the big Joker episode, I take it, and the following episode or two our will be the introduction of Bane.

Only 6 episodes left. The last is supposed to take place 10 years into the future.

BTW… Ben McKenzie directed this week’s episode and I have to say, he did a really great job. I loved on-foot running sequence at the beginning of the episode. Most typical directors would just have a steady cam and someone run from one end and jump behind a car or something, but he spent pretty good time with the camera chasing behind him. Lots of good lighting and cinematography too.

When Gotham is gone, I’m going to miss it for the all the great production work that goes into the series as well.


I have not watched the recent episode since its only available in SD for whatever reason.


Is it? The last 4 episodes are all available here in HD.


My on demand updated with the hd version yesterday for me. It was odd since I watched Orville in HD on Friday without a problem and every week previously I’ve watched both in HD the day after without a hitch.


The Orville is one of my favorite shows on television right now lol


Likewise man. I didn’t expect to be so enamored by it since I’m not a sci fi fan and I especially hated Star Trek but I’ve been hooked since the pilot aired.


Anyone catch this week’s episode?

They introduced a new character that was originally intended for the full fifth season, got cut out due to the reduced episode order, and then got written back in last minute thanks to the 2 additional episodes that got added after the others were shot.

The episode itself was pretty good, even though it was a filler episode. Nice to see then give Bullock a featured episode again, since his character has been playing mostly background fodder for a while.

Next week’s episode is actually the last episode filmed for the series, by Erin (Barbara Keen) Richards and written by Ben (Jim Gordon) McKenzie.

Only four more overall to go.


Three more episodes.


Two more…


WOW. What a finale! I absolutely loved it. Makes me want so much more with the new Selina and Batman.


It was a great and perfect send off. I too was foaming at the mouth begging for more. It would have been pretty cool if there was an obvious flash forward mongage of different scenes from one of the movie series recreated by the cast.