Gotham ✪ OmgitZsasz!


Changed the thread title, I may change it from time to time. But it is now a discussion thread for the show.

OK fuck all I said about this previously…


Looks sooooooo dope! My hype meter just busted!


Definitely be checking that out. Much darker than I thought it would be.


As someone who doesnt like dc much…im excited as fuck! First I was like…cmon, I aint watching the cw but then I saw fox…and that is just strange is you adk me considering its WB history


I liked the trailer. Gordon doesn’t seem Gordon-ish to me but I’m probably too used to Oldman. I’m interested to see how they actually keep episodes interesting without having, well, anything really resembling Batman.

I thought Arrow was gonna be a supernova-scale bomb, so I’m trying to have a bit more faith this time.



I thought Arrow was gonna be a supernova-scale bomb, so I’m trying to have a bit more faith this time.[/quote]

Have you watched it lately? It is one of the best shows on television imo in terms of pure entertainment.


Not yet. It’s on my list.


This looks pretty awesome. The generic trailer music kinda kills the drama for me, but that’s just trailer music. I want to know what Alfred’s doing.


Good for Jada Pinkett Smith finally getting a role Will Smith didn’t have to create for her. lol

And this made me EL-OH-EL:


Honestly, this looks like it could be ANY crime/cop

I am intrigued to see if they do anything with the kid villains. Like Poison Ivy. That enticed me.

Thought Jada was gonna be Poison Ivy for a bit. But that would take Will Smith’s Wallet Proportions to make happen. lol

Why am I a hater? Because she’s a leech.


Anyone want to makes bets on whether or not FOX will air the series in order? :lol


They’ll catch Joe Chill before Bruce Wayne’s parents are shot.


Apparently joker is gonna show up too. Wrong.


Why am I a boner? Because she’s a leech.[/quote]
I hate you Andrex.


What did I do? :neutral_face:


Maybe this show will actually be good, unlike the first pack of Agents of SHIELD eps I watched. ::slight_smile:



I sympathize with Joker there. Andrex. :neutral_face:



One thing I heard was that trailer was entirely from the pilot which seems like a shit ton of stuff going on.


This could be another show that sucks people into the pulpy world of comics unknowingly, with enough of a feel to entice their SVU loving asses.

I had my doubts but at least the trailer looks really put together and I’ll make a point to give it a chance for sure. Arrow was a sleeper, hopefully this will be too.


I like it more than I thought I might. Seems like they are going with a darker Jim which is cool. But then again I’m use to the animated/video game Jim more compared to any other version.


Wow looks really solid will for sure tune in.


Me too, but if darker Jim starts out dark and gets lighter more like TAS as times goes on, that would be an interesting parallel to see in live action. Since Bruce starts out light, being a kid and all then gets darker and darker as he becomes Bats. Both have a threshold they can’t cross. Jim eventually becomes by the book, except he supports help from a vigilante menace. Bats chooses justice above all else even revenge, but still strikes fear into his enemies.