Google Stadia ✪


1 and 2 are confirmed, 3 is pretty likely given some of their statements (“it can be wherever YouTube currently is”), and regarding 4 I think the eventual model will be a mix between sub and purchasing, maybe the sub gives a discount on otherwise full-price AAA games.


This service is going to have to be cheap if it expects to seriously compete.


Price is a feature. If it isn’t priced well, Google will adjust it accordingly.


Well they are going to have to be cheaper than the competition due to streaming only.


I don’t see why it wouldn’t be free but with heavy ads and game purchases.

This service is just making whatever screen you’re using basically an dumb terminal.


It’ll be interesting to see how Stadia and the tech evolves. I could see the use cases mostly switching to ads TBH.

“Try this upcoming AAA game in your browser in just one click from this Giant Bomb QuickLook video about it! Loads in two seconds!”

Where that leaves the service itself and controller hardware I’m not sure, but once Google’s established the “moat” that is Stadia’s tech there’s so many different and cool applications for it they could do.


I mean the game purchases. Your going to pay $60 for streaming only games?


With no need for a PC or console? probably.

To any device? More certainly.

Google account integration, sharing videos and playing with friends both local and online?

Yeah, IF they could make all that work with decent numbers on the internet we have. Full price wouldn’t be a problem.

Not to mention playing with console / PC players as well. Iirc they mentioned that too.