Goodbye, Sweet Prince PSP (2004-2014)

In Japan, at the very least.

So what was your first purchased from PSP? Mine was in March '05 and the first game was Archer Maclean’s Mercury which I was never finished it.

I got mine for Christmas. Ended up getting Midway Arcade Treasures for it, and I ended up losing that game, GTA Liberty City Stories, and Tron (movie UMD. Remember when that was a thing?)

Then somehow the screen broke after dropping it one inch from my bed, and I got a silver 2000 model that came with Daxter and Family Guy (both of which I ended up disliking.)

I still have it, and I even did a test stream with it a few days ago.

Lol, I remember once I purchased a UMD movie Boogeyman and man, I felt unsettled when I watched it on a small screen. :S

I remember the console wars that thing spawned. Like Holy shit. :lol

I bought Dragon Ball Z for it.

I thought the PSP was dead already. Hmm.

First game I can remember getting for it was Twisted Metal Head-On.

I got it at release. Bought 3 games. Some racing game, golfing game and dungeon crawler game.

Oh and the Spider-Man movie came with it. Never watched it because UMDs aren’t real movies. They are jokes.

Stopped playing within a month or 2. Never even opened up the dungeon crawler game.

Elsa said it best. “LET IT GO, BETCH.”

I bought one Xmas 2006, it was the bundle that came with Lords of Dogtown and ATV Offroad Fury.

I can’t think of a handheld I’ve had such a deeply personal connection with, my PSP was like my everyday companion. Always loaded up with everything I was into at the moment, my fav albums, videos, and pictures. It will always have a special place in my heart despite me long moving on to greener pastures.


I never had one but always considered buying my cousin’s off of him. Then figured I would, never play it.

I have two. I get pissed every time someone says this system was bad. It had a badass library, including remakes for random Sega Saturn games. And that’s without hacking either. It stood on its own, and I’m never trading either of mine away.

I got my PSP in 2010 for Kingdom Hearts BBS. The first thing that struck me about the system was how classy it looked. I struggled to find other games for it that interested me, but eventually I found Dissidia, and Person 3 (which I will beat eventually.)

Nobody ever remembers stuff like Popolacrois, Tales of the World, and the plethora of awesome RPGs for the thing. Oh welllll.

PSP was the first game system I bought where I started to feel “eh” after getting it. That’s probably a bad sign.

Maybe I should stream Lumines II for this occasion. (I’d stream the first one, but my copy doesn’t seem to want to work anymore.)

I got the psp after my mother died in 07. I got the daxter bundle because I like jax and daxter of course. I loved the system because it was the first modern handheld to let me play sega games on the go like powerstone (which I have downloaded on my vita). I remember trying to find the sega genesis collection (also now on my vita) by calling places and finally being driven to circuit city after they said they had it. I remember playing metal gear online on that thing.

I always though umds were cool looking. And I used it as my music player for a short time. I even put the entire outlaw star series on the thing.

Dat Outlaw Star tho. :3

Thank you <3. I had to download it from youtube, and back then because of the time limit each episode was split into 3 videos. But I have a new downloaded version now.

Natsume has ‘End of Serenity’ coming out for PSP this year!

The last few weeks, I’ve been going through a bunch of my stuff I haven’t touched in years (or, quite frankly, never touched) and came across a bunch of UMD movies and some PSP games I later bought for other systems. Figured I might as well toss (sell/pawn/donate) some of my stuff and it got me thinking about the PSP games and wondering if anyone ever plays their system. I still hear people talk of the Gameboy, GBA, DS and so forth… but never the PSP. Anyone still use theirs?

I have admittedly not used it very much since Lumines Remastered came out.

I did get Dracula X Chronicles which isn’t even able to play on the PSTV I got, so I’m probably gonna get it put on my PSP to play it that way.

But yeah, the only other reason I would have had to go back to the PSP is because of the Prinny games, and well…

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At least according to some PSP/Vita fans I know lol. Software library too, seemingly.