GhostWire: Tokyo (dev. Tango Gameworks)

Executive Producer | Shinji Mikami
Director | Ikumi Nakamura
Platforms | TBD
Release | TBD

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She’s so happy to be there

and we are happy to have her too.


^^^ SOOOOO adorable!!!

But yeah this game looks incredible, I can’t wait to see more. REALLY loving what I saw, concept and design seems great.

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OH MY GOD! I Love Her! :sob::heart:


In the words of Brandon Jones “the most jolly presentation of a horror game” and i loved it.

Need to see more as I’m not yet completely sold on the concept (though it looks like the Hawkeye/Ronin spin off story after Thanos’ snap lol) but she was awesome.

Her enthusiasm sold me the game. Her and Keanu Reeves are the only LEGIT thing that happened this E3.

But then you start seeing what else she did and then you feel like a dumbass for not knowing who she is.

Not only did she work on the art of Okami and Bayonetta, she was the lead artist for The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. She created Laura Creature.

(p.s. I forgot how great this teaser is)

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You’re right Stealth and i didn’t know she was directing this game. Think i might have to keep an eye out on it now.

As for Laura she’s definitely a great creature design so I’m glad to learn she was responsible for it.

Specifically calling out Taiwan and Hong Kong as the two next potential settings… seems like that might kinda be a political statement with everything going on. :thinking:

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