Gaming with Gold... on the Xbox 360...

So I’ve been downloading Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles since its inception and spent the last couple days moving all my stuff to an external hard drive so I can clone it and use it on my secondary Xbox 360 in the other room.

Except, as I’m going through all of them, I noticed that I seem to have missed two titles: CastleStorm and Joy Ride Turbo. I wonder how that happened.

Anyone ever play them? Anyone still using an Xbox 360 to download games? Anyone here still even using a Microsoft console? I get the feeling most people here are Switch and PS4 gamers these days.

To be honest we will see. I think I’m going to go Playstation because they are going to get stuff Xbox likely isn’t.

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Original? What happened to it?

Gave it to family along with my 360 who would play it more than me at this point.
I guess Microsoft has a chance but honestly I think Sony has them beat on games.

We will see but Microsoft has really had a problem with the Xbox One gen.

Xbox one
Playstation 4

Ever since they announced the system would be tied to online DRM and you wouldn’t own any of the content you bought, it just killed their brand. No matter what they’ve done to try and fix it, the damage will never go away. It’s going to take a good, I dunno, decade or so and at least a few more consoles to wash that away.

But, hey… Nintendo had an 11-year gap between SNES and Wii and then regained their status between the early Wii launch era and Switch, so it’s always possible. The important thing being that Nintendo actually did something different with their systems. The Xbox 1 is just the same as the PS4 without the library.

The bigger problem is they rely too much on Halo, Forza and Gears and are missing games from third parties that even Nintendo gets.

I also think Microsoft is in a situation where they are trying to rush devs to make great games.

We will see if they manage to have anything interesting at the July showcase but right now I’m way more likely to buy a PS5.

Doesn’t help that some of the games they do make just aren’t great like Super Lucky’s Tale and Bleeding Edge. Those cannot compare to the other first parties.

I got all 3, but I don’t got gold. I only have PS+ and Nintendo Online.

Sometimes I get Xbox Gold, but it’s rare.