Game jam?

Would anyone here be interested in joining me for a short-lived game jam? Basically there’s a set amount of time to make a tiny game around a theme.

They’re quite popular, and you can find examples here:

Would need to come up with a theme. Any suggestions?

Post apocalyptic lawyer

Think Fallout meets Ace Attorney.

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Hmmm broader. I guess “post apcalypse” might work? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Post apocalypse but no zombies or robots that’s boring.

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Yes agreed. Maybe “weird apocalypse”?

Or a magical apocalypse? Like magic is used for everything in their civilization much like gas and electricity making it so commonplace until it’s not. Plus it keeps the door open for users of magic, nonhuman races and horrific creatures. Could even throw in a bit steampunk for good flavor.

I’m thinking we can actually do a series of them. So Magical Apocalypse is one of the themes.

Starting out though I think we might just do one “anything goes” jam to kick things off… maybe including some kind of Pugi tie-in. :thinking:

Is a week generally considered a good amount of time?