G4TV retrospective thread.

I want to know what everyone remembers from G4 when they first found the channel.

I had received digital cable for the first time in May of 2003 and after a day or so of flipping through the hundreds of new channels, I came across one that was, shockingly, devoted entirely towards video games. “TV 4 Gamers” they called themselves. (I don’t know why they wanted to limited themselves to just four viewers, but I think in the end, that might have hurt their chances for succeeding in the ratings.)

There was this one show about these two guys who would travel about the country to get their game on with other people. They would play things like golf, but it would be, like, outlaw golf and stuff. And they would do things like play a game of human pac-man. I was pretty sure the show would be a huge success, because even Club Dread ripped on that idea. But it seemed to vanish pretty fast. I wonder if another network bought them out.

Then there was this other show about film celebrities and TV stars and the kinds of games and things they liked to play on their xboxes. And, sometimes, if these players didn’t have themselves an xbox, the network would give them one and a game to play in their trailers and stuff. It was awesome. They’d get big celebrities, like the girl who screams in Spider-Man 2 when Doc Ock crashes through the wall.

And then there was this other new show that talked about all of the true life events that were going on around the world, only entirely devoted to gaming, like how Starcraft Ghost was being delayed, or Malice was being delayed, or how the price of the Gameboy Advance was dropping from 99.99 to 79.99. They seemed like they were the pulse of the gaming industry. But then one day, the cute chick that co-hosted it vanished.

Then they had this one TV pilot for a Siskel & Ebert type show called “Poolside,” where these two guys would sit around a pool all day talking about video games. One would talk about how Wind Waker was awesome and the other would talk about how Nintendo is for teh kizzies and complain that the game didn’t have Xbox Live. I think the network must have really liked this “Poolside” pilot, because they would air it 30 times a week, every week, for about four months. Eventually, the pilot must have been picked up for it’s own series and their pool closed down, because I started seeing them talk about other games in other locations.

There was this show where this woman would count down from 10 all the time. She’d be like “the number 4 game based on a comic book is X-Men: The Arcade Game!” and talk about the top selling titles each week. She told us once that Contra was the hardest game of all time (WTF!!!), but claimed the “results” had been “filtered” through some sort of “filterator” on a website. Yeah, sure… but I wasn’t buying it.

And there was this one guy who talked about all these different tricks and secrets you could unlock in games that you otherwise shouldn’t be able to do. It was kind of strange, because he would talk to a can of potato chips all the time as if the potato chips knew these secrets. I think he was on drugs. And then he would tell us that he achieved all this stuff, thanks to cheating. That’s not cool. I hope the police finally caught him. This kind of thing ran rampant back in the days before game companies made it mandatory law where you need to buy $20 worth of DLC for games to unlock this stuff.

Then there was this show about all of these games and game makers, talking about how they came to be. Usually, “it all started with…” or plumber, or the communist government, or someone’s dream, or a vision or something. I think they licensed this show from the Biography Channel. It was very iconic and informative.

And then there was this other show where a handful of people were put in a room to play games against each other and then the kid from Star Trek:TNG and his friend would make jokes at their expense. The jokes must not have been funny, because they were only there a week. Then these other people came in, but one of them left after a month or two. Then this other guy became the new host. He had this funky 'stack and a denim jacket. I think his name was “Kevin P.” or something. I don’t know whatever happened to that guy, but I wouldn’t trust him. Probably would be the downfall of the network if you ask me.

Then there was this cool guy who would show off all the awesome features of whatever games were coming out. He’d just be the most awesome of the awesomest. He called himself “The Sindelar,” and only people who are pure awesome can do something like that. I can’t even call myself “the spooie,” because I’m not worthy of such awesomeness. One day he went on search for Polybius, the long lost arcade machine, and was never seen again. They had to cancel the show. It’s too bad, because it was awesome.

Then the network got the rights to Mystery Science Theater 3000… but they changed it around. It was now about a guy who was like, in a computer, and all his friends were in a computer and stuff… and they were all from these MMOs and stuff. But he didn’t make fun of crappy movies or have robot pals. And I think they got a new actor to play the main character.

The channel had a lot of really cool commercials for he US Navy and Army and gaming colleges and finding out whether your computer had vurms… and sometimes they’d show a whole block of game commercials for 30 straight minutes. They’ve even give you a list to run down which commercials were coming up. Sometimes they only had 8 or 9 commercials, but other times they had like 20. They even had a bunch of commercials once for games that never even were released. How weird is that?

And speaking of commercials, I think Electronic Arts must have been a really big fan of the G4 network, because each week their produced themselves their very own infomercial showing of all of their latest sports games. Every episode had someone sweating in it. That was like their signature feature. G4 must have made a lot of money off of these infomercials, because they didn’t always air it at 3am like all the other channels would. Sometimes it would air at like 1pm on a tuesday. Weird, right?

Anyhoo… that’s what I remember about G4TV. :slight_smile:

I already had plans on a blog about my discovery of TechTv and how it shaped the way my life is.

I wouldn’t be in the process of being a journalist without it.
I wouldn’t have moved without it.
I would have been single well into my 20s without it.

I would have been single well into my 20s without it.[/quote]

I’m 32… as of this passed monday. This is what you have to look forward to.

I posted this thread in the OT forum over at G4. Not a single response to it. The last 24 hours are basically people posting gibberish over there now. But, hey… it’s the last 24 hours. Why the hell not?


I would have been single well into my 20s without it.[/quote]
You’re like one of two who has gotten laid from watching TechTV

spooie needs a girlfriend.

You’re like one of two who has gotten laid from watching TechTV[/quote]

LMFAO! I died laughing at this.

It was Thanksgiving 2005, and I was still in fifth grade when I just walked into my room. G4 was on and wouldn’t you know it, so was X-Play. I had no idea who Adam or Morgan were, but I just sat there and watched as they talked about video games, and me being in elementary school, video games just clicked with me easily. So from then on I continued to watch G4 daily. Everyday the routine would commence: X-Play at 3 PM, 5 PM, and then at 10 PM, which was only a problem when Raw went a few minutes past schedule. It was a blast and I just loved whatever they were doing, juvenile or otherwise.

Not long after, E3 '06 was coming up. I’d never heard of E3 at that point and to tell you the truth, I’d have probably never heard of it until later had it not been for G4. I was so excited, I stayed glued for hours on end. That was the E3 where GTA IV was announced and Super Smash Bros. Brawl was debuted. It was a ton of fun I haven’t felt from watching TV since. Around May '06, G4 was beginning to change towards less gaming and attempting a more broad demographic. Seems to have started a trend for me, as I always find myself in places where good days are vanishing and everything’s going down.

Sometime in April-May 2008, the local cable shook up the schedule. As much as I hated it, I see it now as a blessing in disguise. Cops and Cheaters would begin to dominate the schedule (once at a friend’s house, I used their DirecTV to find out that Cops would be on for 8 hours, with X-Play on only at 5 PM and 1 AM). I realized that G4 was dead, but only on the inside. The channel for gamers was long gone, replaced with cookie-cutter monotony that seemed like a bad knock-off of SpikeTV, and that says a lot. The bright side was I finally had Cartoon Network, but they too were beginning to diminish in quality. See what I mean?

As time went on, Adam Sessler quit G4 and at that moment I knew the network would die in a year, at best. I wish I was a betting man; G4 announced the end of X-Play and sister show Attack of the Show in October of 2012. Turns out the Mayans were right, but it was only G4’s world that was ending. A friend of mine showed me an article where G4 was planning to re-brand itself towards men, as if they weren’t already in the process. As I gained better cable in the start of 2013, I finally regained G4, if only in its dying moments. The X-Play finale hit hard for me; I was dumbfounded, but I sucked it up and embrace the future, whatever it may be.

From a technical standpoint, G4 failed to meet its intended audience (hence the merger with TechTV), and in a struggle to find another flopped around until it finally ran out of breath. I’ll always remember G4 for the good times I had: Cheat, X-Play, AotS, E3, and more, but in the end, G4 is a perfect example of the MTV disease gone fatal. Had the channel stayed on DirecTV’s lineup and kept sight of its original purpose, G4 could still be here and we wouldn’t be talking about this, but all things must come to an end. For G4, that end was necessary and without it, we would be in an endless circle of monotony and mediocrity to this day.

This is from the G4 forums but

I think maybe Blister may have been the first show I ever saw. Blew my mind the channel was about games. It was a revelation! Then I kept watching more and more. Told my cousin about it and we watched it a ton.

Oh the memories…

Hey, jtforrest94… welcome to the forums!

I don’t understand why channels feel they need to shake everything up to find a better audience. Granted, G4 was never doing great in the ratings department, but to just shift over to a completely different audience in the middle with no attempt to actually improve the quality of what you set out to do is only going to alienate the audience you DO have. Not just with filler shows like the Fastlane importing reruns of The Man Show (especially considering they axed Unscrewed because it was considered too “adult” for the network), but bastardizing their own shows by transforming Filter into “The top 13 women you should bang before you die” and completely pretending as if the original ICONS never existed to turn it into “Teen Biography.” Then again, when your big seasonal push is a show about people vomiting in a bucket, you probably don’t really regard your current audience with much thought to begin with.

To G4’s credit, they did try different game experiments with Eddie George’s Training Camp and later shows like Proving Grounds that were at least semi-gaming related… but by then the magic was gone. Comcast could have totally redeemed themselves had they simply left the TechTV block and the original G4 block as separate entities inhabiting the same channel. (The Non-watered down) Screensavers AND Attack of the Show also could have worked perfectly fine as completely separate entities. The final amalgam of Filter with Diane Mizota seemed to be a well-blended version of both games and tech for when it lasted. And then when they finally secede to viewer complaints and return Call to Help to the airwaves, they put it on at 9am and delay episodes 9 months so that all they’re talking about is old tech.

But, oh well.

BTW… Adam Sessler was actually fired. He didn’t mention it publicly, I don’t believe, until the last episode of X-Play had aired. I think he may have waited out of respect for his friends still working on the show. It looks like the internet is the revolution now. Almost all the techtv alumni have gone on to do their own thing successfully, or at least sustainable, online over the last so many years. This is certainly one case in which the inmates should have been running the asylum.

G4 and Tech TV were sustainable. Comcast wanted G4TechTV to GROW. They wanted upward mobility, not stagnant ratings. So that meant getting rid of shows that had an audience limit in favor or shows that could generate a higher audience.

Yeah really. He’s funny, intelligent, cute, charming…

I wonder what’s really wrong with him. :Q

Why G4 doesn’t show gaming anymore

I got free swag from that post. Damn I wonder what posts I’ll never see again. So sad.


Yeah really. He’s funny, intelligent, cute, charming…

I wonder what’s really wrong with him. :Q[/quote]

He’s a bond villain/Sylar/married to Mallys.

I’m not sure I like where this is going. >_>


He’s thinks he’s a bond villain/Sylar/married to Mallys.[/quote]


Yeah really. He’s funny, intelligent, cute, charming…

I wonder what’s really wrong with him. :Q[/quote]

Funny? In a sad kind of way.

Intelligent is debatable.

Cute and Charming only work for my mother and aunts, apparently.

I thought I had something going with someone last year. Someone I’ve known for a few years. Something I thought was getting serious. But apparently she had other ideas and, ultimately, things were not meant to be.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you care about someone until you realize that they don’t.


Regardless, it’s an experience to learn and grow from. Now I’m just dead to the world. Or is it that the world is dead to me? I get those two confused a lot.


But seriously, you will find someone. I mean, I’m gay, so the bachelor stigma is less an issue. But I know how you feel! When the right one comes along, you’ll know…

Edit: Just make sure that she knows too…


Yeah really. He’s funny, intelligent, cute, charming…

I wonder what’s really wrong with him. :Q[/quote]

Forever 1991…?

Never got G4 until the TechTV merger. I remember not liking the shows very much other than Electric Playground, Judgment Day/Reviews On The Run, Filter, Cinematech, and Arena.

EDIT: Somehow managed to forget Icons. That was G4’s best original show.

Thanks, spooie. To be honest, I was a little nervous joining today. I’ve never been a part of a forum until today, but I was looking over the G4 forum for the past couple of days and it saddens me to think of all that history going away, potentially lost forever (unless it goes on the wayback machine). While I was looking over all that was being said, I felt bad for everyone; it seemed the X-Play forums weren’t as bad as that music video implied. It’s just depressing for a channel to go under like this. Not necessarily a show, but the whole enchilada is going down; it feels surreal. JPjuice23, good analogy, man. I never minded Cops on G4 as much I did Cheaters, but it never felt right having Cops have more air-time than the highest rated program, at least during the afternoon.

And you’re right, spooie. I forgot Adam was fired; the thing I find amusing is that for over a year we speculated he walked out in protest or something, and it turns out he doesn’t even know! Irony.

That said, I’m glad I’m welcome here. I look forward to my time on project gforum with all of you and hopefully to the launch of G4rewind, whenever they should begin.

I thought Sweat, EP, Players, Cheat, Cinematech, Portal and Arena were all complete shit shows.

Honestly, it was just Judgement Day and Filter that I liked from G4. Tech TV was the much better established network when they merged. TSS, Unscrewed, Robot Wars, Xplay. I really wish I could’ve watched The Screen Savers with the mind I have today. I didn’t get into programming, hacking or electronics until about last year…

All Cinematech was was a trailer reel. I loved Cheat! in he Kristin Holt era, and I always thought EP was pretty great. Portal I am drawing a blank on in terms of content, and Arena was alright. I don’t remember Sweat.