From out of nowhere

So, a few years back, some of my former co-workers conspired with me to get together and go to lunch every couple months on a Friday. The idea was to do is quarterly. One for each season. That slowly mutated into 3 a year, then 2 a year. As the last two years have progressed, our meetings have become fewer and farther between. This past Friday was the first time since October.

13.5 people had planned to be there, but only 8 panned out.

Among them was a friend that used to sit in front of me at my old office. She left the year before I did, with a promotion to another department about 5 or 6 blocks down the road. She’s had some health issues and doesn’t travel to my end anymore and we don’t get to see each other nearly as much as we should. She posts very rarely on Facebook (as I tend to do the last year or two), and when she does they are usually cat memes and coffee images.

Maybe a year or so back, she messaged me saying that she had some games for me if I was interested. I suggested she sell them, but she didn’t want to. Said she’d rather I take them, because she knew I would actually do something with them instead of tossing them out.

When we finally saw each other in October, she didn’t mention them. So I didn’t press her, figuring she probably found another home. And I kind of forgot about it. Until Friday, when after lunch she told me she had a bag in her car and handed me the keys. To my surprise, she handed all of these to me in a bag…

Told me to just take them or, if I had no need for them, to go ahead and sell or trade them away. Said her and her husband were clearing the house of clutter and things they never use anymore. I offered to pay her, or at least buy her dinner to take home from the restaurant, but she refused. She seemed to just be happy to give them to me.

That was nice of her.

So I ended up with a DS Light, 14 complete games (sans Emily the Strange) and a loose copy of Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations, as well as a compact case that holds 16 cards. The only game that isn’t complete, Emily the Strange, is also the only “new” game she got from Gamestop… which for some reason seems to have come with a Dinotopia GBA instruction booklet.

So of the 14 cased games, 10 I’ve never owned. And Phoenix Wright, I can’t even recall if I had this one the first time around.

Anyway… I thought this was nice of her and felt like showing off.


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Ace Attorney and Elite Beat Agents are always good. I sold my DS Lite but kept EBA.

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That’s a pretty good haul to get.

If you write down John Locke in Scribblenauts you’ll get LOST’s John Locke.

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    gooood haul. i have some nice memories with scribblenauts especially. Jetpack and gun are the answer to most things

i still have mine. all those cloned rayquazas from emerald helped for 3 generations