Friday the 13th: The Game ✪ Switch version announced!


First he was in MKX and now he’s getting his own game. JASON LIVES! :rock … h-the-game

They got Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, and Adam Sessler. :Q




Adam Sessler is a HOT MESS.



It took me 5 days to realize that Andrex totally stole sixsicksixes’ thunder from this thread…






I mean… I don’t want to hurt your excitement or anything, but it isn’t really that good a game LOL

I got it for free on Playstation Plus and played a couple matches. I even got to be Tommy Jarvis. The Singleplayer challenges are OK as Jason.


This was the only game I won as a camper:


there’s something about getting both Dead by Daylight and this…on the Switch


Yeah, something, like it got two sub-par games. The Switch is KILLING it (no pun intended), it doesn’t need stuff like this for legitimacy.

Maybe if Nintendo would quit making inferior hardware, getting 3rd party titles wouldn’t be a big deal. Who wants to dumb their games down? (well apparently Bethesda has no problem doing it).

They’ve done it for 3 generations now. Made weak ass hardware and boxed themselves into a 1st party device and people are so used to it they act like it is a big deal they get 3rd party games. That’s how it always should have been if Nintendo would stay in touch with the current times.

I mean, it is cool, I am happy for people who want these games and can enjoy them on Switch and the whole handheld thing is an entire new dimension and enticement for developers to take the extra time to make a Switch version. But the previous two gens I have enjoyed tons of games like The Witcher 3, etc…

I don’t mean to rant or anything, but come on. This means NOTHING except for people who ONLY have a Switch and want to try it. Or hardcore people of the game who want a handheld version, then they’d have to grind again.


I really like Friday the 13th, it’s great with friends.


Will you be my friend? :grin:


Yeah I wouldn’t mind getting back into it.

I’m surprised after the lawsuit they’ll be able to. I thought it was dead in the water but maybe that was just for DLC or got worked out in the courts. I wasn’t paying super close attention at the time.


I will say though the ability to switch to a handheld is awesome as well as Nintendo combining its development.

Hybrid was definitely the right step for Nintendo. If nothing else its going to get people who don’t want to play handheld a chance to pick up franchises like Pokemon.


Guys, I was in sorta a bad mood when I typed that, but I am not wrong. Any time the Switch gets a 3rd party game people wet themselves. But that’s just what the status quo should have been. Quit praising them for what should be the norm.

And I am not arguing against it being a handheld. They could still make a more powerful handheld though where the stuff would easier be ported and not downgraded.


Literally no one gives a fuck about the Switch port other than me lol

And I care about it because I backed it on KS cause I fucking love F13 and the concept even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to play it for a while/if ever.

I did the same with Shenmue 3’s KS :thinking: I’m better with my money these days…

This game coming to Switch is a big deal to me for that reason, so maybe cool it with the “All Switch owners are third-party-starved hype-nerds and that’s the only reason this port announcement of a game I think is shit is being discussed at all” schtick for a bit? :thinking:

(Not speaking as a mod/admin btw, lol.)


It’s cool and I only said it here right? Lol That schtick thing makes it sound like I say it in tons of posts a lot.

Like I said my initial rant I was having a bad day, I should have deleted it.


It looks like the type of game that would be better to watch your favorite let’s play people play than to actually play it yourself. Dead By Daylight was another one of those games.


Guys should try it. It can be frantic or methodical. It’s neat because sound plays a part too


Ah true. I may have been in a bad mood too. :grimacing:


The real problem is you really have to play in a team.

Seems like one of the new updates made battling Jason a terrible idea. He is now unstable by common weapons after he rages.

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