Fire Emblem Three Houses new DLC (Cindered Shadows)

Now a launch thread.


I actually have this game pre-ordered. Can’t wait.

Characters sorted by house

Black Eagles - Students are more likely to favour magic over weapons.

Blue Lions - Many of its students favour the lance.

Golden Deer - The students here generally favour the bow and are typically commoners as well.

So Blue Lions are going to be the easy mode house. Being that lancers are sometimes OP in games like Awakening which had some really OP lance users after very little improvement. I could clear whole maps with two or three lancers in that game.

I wonder if each house has unique classes. As it seems there is no limitation on what class a character can be.

I hope there is something special about each house aside from story bits.

Well we won’t know till a new Famitsu gives us new info. The info seems to come out on Wednesdays.

I’m guessing staves are gone and replaced by white magic.

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I want none of this. Media blackout. Hell, barc you prob know the entire thing at this point and can save your $60 lol

Actually we don’t know alot of stuff.

lol to me it looks like massive amounts of information because all of the links. But it makes sense I guess, Nintendo never plays a ton of its hand.

Well there is alot of information.

What I can tell you is this game is shaping up to be epic.

You know more about it than me. Is there any system, like having kids or whatever? Ways to work together and get new units?

There is no offspring mechanic this time. Sorry if you like that feature but its not here.

There’s ways to get new units. The offspring mechanic is gone though.

I figured they wouldn’t have professors mating with students or students mating with students but I did like that feature from Awakening. It was incredible.

Nintendo always baffles me introducing cool new features like that (and the Pokemon underground, base system) and take them out…

Its Fire Emblem of course the supports with students is still there.

About old mechanics being thrown out… You will actually be happy about Three Houses in that it has alot of mechanics from the series and introduces new ones.

Game leaked has given us info that yes there is some things that are different.

About to go to the store shortly to pick it up.

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Golden Deer baby! :deer:

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My brother pre-ordered this many moons ago just before Amazon changed their discount system as such. He then forgot about it until he got a shipping notice the other day, so I get to play it now rather than some time later. Just starting to dig in, and looking forward to plugging away this next week. Also, Black Eagles checking in.

Black Eagles Edelgard hype.
Just got to the Academy.
This game is way wordier than Fire Emblem’s generally are and its amazingly all voice acted. :heart_eyes:

Learning spells is crazy.

Hanneman complaining about Manuela

I saw that earlier in the game and found it hilarious. Also she was mad her date wouldn’t come into her room because it was a messy pig stye.

I am happy with my team. Characters I didn’t think would be much are really impressing and being clutch characters.