Final Fantasy VII Remake

I preordered it a couple of days ago. No clue when I’ll play it though. By the time this game is out, I’ll still be playing Persona 5 Royal with Resident Evil 3 right after that.

Hollow is my J-game song of 2020 so far like Devil Trigger was for 2018 and Don’t Think Twice was for 2019. :bow2:

That’s the only comment I have on this game rn :eyes:

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I prob won’t play the main game for awhile. My local gamestop where my physical collector’s edition is closed and I am just going to wait. Resident Evil I just ordered online and will get my $5 credit back.

It’s too bad because I was gonna order it on Amazon, but decided to put it off and now I can’t get a physical copy. I guess I’ll just get it digitally.

Yeah that stupid fucking virus really threw a monkey wrench into things.

Since I am waiting I decided to take advantage and finally get Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition!!

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There’s always been a massive hard on from the veteran Final Fantasy team for FFX, they were even shooting around the idea of making another game in that universe. This is some deep as lore but also really cool if they would make a game that bridges the two together.

Not like they have any original ideas since they fired Tabata. :roll_eyes:

So, any word on how long the campaign is? I don’t want to spend 60 bucks on a short game, and Midgar was only like 8 hours in the original, IIRC.

How Long To Beat said this about it…

I’m about 17 1/2 hours in.

I’m about three hours in, been doing random jobs around Sector 7. Pretty enjoyable so far. I switched the audio from English to Japanese and it definitely improved the experience. With the exception of Barrett and Wedge, the English cast is just a lot weaker. Tifa is pretty fun to control in combat, I’ve found that I actually use her more than Cloud so far. The slums are a really cool environment. They feel like Midgar and you get a better sense than in the original of how life sucks there and how the ever-present upper plate of the city would feel oppressive.

My one real complaint is that there are too many Sephiroth visions, especially that long drawn out one where Cloud is stumbling around through the city after the reactor mission. All we need of him are glimpses until the return to Nibelheim.

This fucking game…

That’s what i find myself saying every 3 minutes because of how fucking good it is. I’m only 5 hours in and currently just doing side quests in sector 7 as well but oh my god this game is amazing.

“I’m in fucking Midgar… FUCKING MIDGAR!”. I mean you look around and you’re inside a living breathing Midgar… Never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine this being possible. If they’re attention to detail is this big i don’t want to think how long it’ll take for Square to apply the same level of detail to the rest of the game.


Glad to hear it. I can’t wait to finish XV so I can move on to it and get it. Do you use the English dub or Japanese?

Personally I’m playing it in Japanese but I have played a bit of it in English. The English actors for Wedge and Barret are a lot better than their Japanese counterparts and Jessie is good either way, but for Cloud/Tifa/Aerith/Biggs I like the Japanese cast better. Especially Cloud. Side characters are hit and miss in both dubs.

The more I play of it the more impressed I am. They did a really good job. The combat gets really fun once you unlock proficiency in each weapon’s special move, then you can really go nuts. Tifa is a blast to play as, she’s so fast it’s like something out of DMC. I always have her as my party leader now. And revisiting some of the locations has been nostalgic as hell. Not just Seventh Heaven, but the church, the park outside the Sector 7 gate, and most of all Aerith’s house. It’s a beautiful little oasis in the junkpile that is Midgar’s undercity. They nailed it perfectly. Oh, and Wall Market is fantastic too. It’s a maze of narrow alleys that you can easily get turned around in when you first arrive.

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I’m sticking with the english dub. I do agree with Sarge that not everyone is perfect but they did a pretty damn good job overall.

I’m loving Tifa as well in combat. Her moveset is a blast to use.

Also… They did it. Square Enix did it. So far they have captured the magic of FF7. It is mind blowing to see Midgar realized so well in this modern era. Not only that but the charm, the dialogue, and personality of each character nailed so perfectly it’s insane. I’m playing at a slowpoke pace because i never want it to end.

I learned about the weird creative choices they made in this remake and instantly lost all interest in it, lol. I might pick it up one day, but I ain’t paying 60 bucks for it.

I wanna lol at this, because I was always super skeptical of the whole thing. I do feel for the fans though. Long time coming and to have this derailed is pretty bad.

But the fact that installments didn’t turn people away immediately to me meant there were going to be rough patches ahead. Hopefully they respond to fans and right the ship.

Well Tai is jacking his D to the mf’er by the sounds of it. And I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

But being serious, I don’t have the mega attachment and familiarity I wish I had, but I only trust Easy Allies and Max Dood’s opinion right now, so I’ll have to see their spoiler mode, but NOT until I play through it first.

Ultimately, I would like to wait for a PS5 version but tha probably won’t happen.

I finished it yesterday. The ending is very different from the climax of the Midgar section of the original and without getting too specific, they basically set it up that way on purpose to give themselves license to go in whatever direction they want from here on out. I’m curious what they’ll do, but not particularly worried. All things considered they did a very good job with this one.

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Gamestop who was holding my special edition finally opened and I got it today. I played about 2 hours and love it so far. They’ve really brought it to life. I don’t remember those wraith things in hoods flying around, is that new? lol