Final Fantasy VII: Remake Box Art

For comparison:

I’d say it’s pretty damn near perfect. Really captures the spirt of original box art. Love it. We’ll see if the other chapter entries change or keep the same box art.

Remember, game comes out 2020-03-03T05:00:00Z

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For the other episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they recreated the art of the other characters that were in the instruction manual and inbetween disc changes:


Good thinking and as much as I love those let’s pray they don’t use all of them. lol

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As perfect as that box art is it appears some people are calling out Square Enix for not including anywhere on the box that is part 1 or episode 1. It’s misleading and it makes people think the entire FF VII experience is on that box.

I’m definitely with them and i hope Square does something about it.

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Yeah it’s perfect… except it implies you’re buying the full game, not 10% of it.

Will also be interesting to see what subsequent boxarts use (unless it’s a “season pass included with episode 1” deal.)

You mean you buy the game once and you get the other episodes for free when they come out? That would be awesome but you’d probably need a 5 TB HDD maybe more. lol

Terrible idea business-wise though which is why I think they’ll never do it.

The whole episodic games thing is terrible in general anyway.

Love it.

Square has basically prob the slowest developer of all time in terms of full game releases lol How long did you guys wait for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy?

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They wanted to do a decade of Final Fantasy XIII

I wouldn’t be shocked if they end up doing a decade of FF7, maybe not just the remake but doing another spin off like Crisis Core.


This must be why they renamed Versus – it took longer than that to develop. :lol:

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