Final Christmas Of The Decade Thread

Only physical thing I got this year was a hydration backpack (which I am thankful for, and I requested it specifically.)

Otherwise, I got a $25 gift card from Fandango, and a $250 gift card for Southwest Airlines.

I ended up buying Final Fantasy X, XII, Street Fighter Collection and Octopath traveler. Wanted Xenoblade 2 tourna but couldn’t get it because of course gamestop doesn’t give you the DLC with it.

Was thinking about CIV VI and The Witcher 3.

dayum, you got some rich friends

For me:
$25 for AMC

From me:
Starlink toys

And $200 cash. I didn’t get any games but I bought Pokémon Sword for my bf’s daughter and she seemed to like it since it was her first Pokémon game.

I absolutely love the book I got, it’s full of amazing interior photography and hot naked guys.

Sekrio Shadows Die Twice
Jurassic World 5-Movie Collection in 4K/Blu-Ray
Die Hard 5-Movie Collection on Blu-Ray
I Like Fun album by They Might Be Giants
The Andromeda Evolution novel by Daniel H Wilson and Michael Crichton
Bunch of much needed clothes
$65 PSN Card
$65 Xbox Card
The Nothing by Korn
Art of Doubt by Metric
Black Labyrinth by Jonathan Davis
Expo 86 by Wolf Parade

It’s more like my sister gave it to me in my late Dad’s name.

I’m gonna give myself some time and see how I would want to use it.

Well just bought Witcher 3 for switch.


One thing I want to say:

Mr. Bill is dead. My sister’s corgi made sure of that.

Probably really the thing I needed the most was the beard/mustache trimmer. I have been contending with a shit one for like 2 years or so.

Got some movies, anime and two games, clothes. Couple comics. Nothing huge. Oh a really nice dressy coat too.

I don’t want to be that guy, but the decade ends in 2020 as there was no year 0. Unless you mean we’ll all be dead before next Christmas, by which I’m OK with. :smile:

I got…

House of Games (Blu-Ray)
Ghost World (Blu-Ray)
Tombstone (Blu-Ray)
Retro-bit Genesis 6-button USB Controller
Neck Massager
Plastic Storage Containers
Marvel T-Shirt
Elf Magnets
Slim Jims
Mini battery operated Lantern
Money and Gift Cards

I mean, there were actually more years before the 2020 we have now, considering science and all that.

But hey, we will be dead before the next Christmas considering recent events. :grin:


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Well now I hope they have this as an option in a patch.

I mention this because I saw

Did you start it yet? What are your thoughts?

Haven’t received it yet it was on backlog when I ordered it surprised it had the Black Friday price so I jumped on it.

I also partially ordered it because I got free shipping and wanted WD-40 electrical contact cleaner to fix Joycon Drift (The stuff works like a charm).

Sorry I never got back to you on this thought I had.

It actually plays pretty well.

Had a difficult time figuring out Gwent.

Also looks like there’s a patch coming for the Switch version.

So this will make it a great port.

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I love Gwent. Got really addicted to it. I have the real decks that came with the PS4 DLC packs but haven’t used them in real life. I would suck in real life because I am horrible at math and the digital ones instantly add all the numbers for me lol

Got the update. Tried turning off AA and increasing the sharpness and holy cow does it look way better.

gives you all the post processing options from this vid plus lets you use PC cloud saves lol.