Easy Alllies changes

Shame about Top 10s. I kind of figured Game Sleuth would be gone considering how far apart each episode was.

How did you guys feel about the controversial Hall of Greats?

“Phase 4” OK Marvel :rolleyes:


Jones addressed the Hall of Greats but it was very damage controlled and frankly he ignored what people were unhappy about. Cop out and I lost a bit of respect for him. But it isn’t worth anymore energy to think about.

@Andrew I agree the name is corny as all hell even though they acknowledge it is just them being dorky lol

What’s a bummer is tabletop escapades going away.

Yeah. Hopefully the new board game show will be a good replacement.

Strangely enough I never watched tabletop escapades OR fiasconauts. I thought about watching the archives.

Sucks about game sleuth but it just isn’t viable anymore in these days I don’t think. Game secrets are just easily attainable and readily available on Youtube and shit.

I’m sure the board game show will be good probably but I don’t know if it will replace D & D.

Well if you like D & D Tabletop Escapades is cool.

Fiasconauts vary by episode. Its like improv role play with guided options.

One of my favorites Camp Death