EA "They aren't lootboxes they are suprise mechanics

EA: They’re not loot boxes, they’re “surprise mechanics,” and they’re “quite ethical”

I would post a gif of rolling eyes, but EA is not worth the trouble.

Honestly when it comes down to it I’m mostly pretty neutral on lootboxes, outside of wanting greater purchasing and data restrictions for minors in general… Yu-Gi-Oh cards are basically analogue lootboxes and I definitely don’t want to see them outlawed, nor restrictions placed on videogame adaptations to make them less lootboxy and thus less true to the real card game.

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Yeah, take responsibility and don’t buy them…

Except there’s a second hand market to buy trading cards you need for a good deck.

That’s true, but I’m not sure it’s Konami’s responsibility to implement that aspect in their games (as much as I’ve always wanted them to.)

I still think some kind of crypto-based card game, where the copies of each digital card are finite, and you trade them like buying/selling Bitcoin… Would be neat to see.

I’m also reminded of the fact that Pokemon games can never again have a real Game Corner because of anti-child gambling legislation in Europe.

I mean I get it, but I’m not fully on board either.

Well I’m not necessarily saying restrictions but clearly EA is overdoing it.

Because of China, you need to buy tokens to gamble in Shenmue 3 instead of just using money. Then cash the tokens in. Idk why a 3rd party thing (token instead of money) makes it better when you are still gambling lol

Its a weird work around.