E3 Press Conferences

Best Moment

Some other great stuff

Phantasy Star Online 2
Tales of Arise
Elden Ring
Halo Infinite
The Blair Witch
12 minutes

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Pretty boring to be honest.

High-point is Phantasy Star Online 2 and that’s iff it they bring the Guilty Gear content to the states too.

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Keanu Reeves in Cyber Punk 2077 was cool and a look at some third party games was cool too.

I will say thought what is with all the games not showing gameplay.

Well it said all the content I think.

I wasn’t expecting much out of this conference, which is likely why I was fine with it. It was cool knowing that Halo Infinite is likely to be a launch title for what ever Project Scarlett is.

The whole Cyberpunk 2077 presentation is easily the best moment.

Next year is going to be WILD.

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My rating? 6/10 I think.

Keanu Reeves doe.

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The conference was meh, but when I think about it, that makes sense. They’re transitioning to the next generation, but the console doesn’t launch until holiday 2020 and next-gen game lineups are typically shown just before and at the E3 of the year the system releases. I expect all of those studio purchases and their new direction to come to fruition next year. For now, Halo Infinite at launch is excellent news.


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PSO 2 finally coming to America is great news! Sucks they aren’t doing the PS4 version but it’s well optimized on PC, even ultrabooks can run it at 30 FPS. I guess Doublefine is a decent get despite them not having a truly successful game since Broken Age.

I’d give it a solid B for basic

Can’t wait for Sony’s showing tomorrow.

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It was a very uninspired presentation. Not actually terrible, just not interesting. Their two heavy hitters in Gears and Halo weren’t showcased well at all, and I don’t know who thought that silly high-concept teaser with the bad music for Gears was a good idea. That series is about scowling buff dudes chainsawing bug monsters. Gears 4 was such a pleasant surprise and I have no idea what they think they’re doing now.

Definitely echo the same sentiment in that it was an okay conference.

Highlight was of course Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk and his on stage presentation. Had it not been for this I think Microsoft would be having a much harder time right now.

Spiritfarer is the only other game that caught my attention. Artistically beautiful.

Bleeding Edge looks cool and I love the character design but it being a 4vs4 player game kind of deflate it for me. Ninja Theory are so well known for their story-driven games and while this a nice change for them it doesn’t do much for me.

Spiritfarer is one of those games that might make me cry. The deer guy went to heaven and the kid was sad about it :sob:

It’s Animal Crossing… Over to the other side!! :sob:

At first I was like man this is jolly. We get to the title screen and that flips to oh man we are the grim reaper.

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PC game show actually turned out to have some pretty good stuff.

Who do I need to speak to to get that time added back to my life that I feel was stolen from me? Ubi isn’t the only thing soft right now because I never got a boner during what Ubisoft showed off. Helen almost got it up…sigh

I got a boner when Mac was shirtless in that trailer for Mythic Quest(sp?)

Gods and Monsters looks like a great BOTW rip off and it’s coming from the AssCreed Odyssey team which means it should be pretty good.

I was already annoyed with Ubisoft by nothing having Splinter Cell. Not a great feeling when starting a conference. Watch Dog Legion looked interesting, but that is way too close to Final Fantasy VII Remake and Cyberpunk 2077.

I almost got fucking angry when Sam Fisher showed up in that mobile game.

The BAREST minimum they had to do is announce a remaster of Splinter Cell: Blacklist to see if people really do want Splinter Cell back, and they couldn’t even do that.

That’s clearly the best moment of Ubisoft’s Conference. We have to see how the “Become anyone” thing works but I still got to admit Helen was awesome and hilarious.


I almost cried hearing Corey Marshall reprise his role as Ryo Hazuki. Squeed with joy when I heard it was dubbed.

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Yeah FF 7 Remake.