E3 2020 officially canceled

Due to Coronavirus

The ESA, which organizes the show commonly known as E3, wrote in a private memo to partners on Tuesday that it is “exploring options for an online E3 event this summer.”

Xbox is doing a digital event
Nintendo hasn’t said yet but its clear they will probably do a direct and a digital treehouse.

Good way to avoid an event that’s already on the struggle bus.

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It’s likely that online showcases are going to be the way of the future rather than big trade shows like E3, which is sad because in its heyday E3 was always the coolest gaming event of the year. For me personally though it changes little because nearly all of the games I’m waiting to see news about are sequels to PS4 exclusives and Sony already wasn’t attending.


It’s been feeling that way for a while now, the virus just push it over the cliff.

Instead of trying to be the biggest and flashest every year, they can now focus on the games instead.

Once the big press conferences started to feature all kinds of celebrity and “influencer” appearances, it became clear that E3 was going the wrong way. And then of course there was that absolutely bizarre Sony press conference featuring the overly long musical number and then making the whole audience move to a new venue for the rest of it. Honestly, the show was at its best when they just let the devs come out and do demos.


It would have been fascinating to see what made Geoff Keighley leave and not attend E3 for the first time.

I’m not so sure. Nintendo for as much as they did Nintendo directs never missed an E3 and had show floor presence in all of them.

For me, it’s not the show floor that was the issue. It was the bombastic press conferences that was the issue. We may not know it completely, but those show floors are more important than just trying out demos. The whole point of E3 was to show investors, retailers and journalists what is in the pipeline. The ESA just made it to be bigger than that it should be.

If it’s just about show floors, E3 loses handily to the PAXes, the Comic-Cons, and others in terms of relevance to consumers.

They should probably go back to being a small trade-exclusive show, with a floor for journos/devs only, and no in-person keynotes. But who is a journo now anyways? In the age of YouTube it’s pretty messy, and IGN/GameStop etc. have less relevance than ever… Maybe society’s just moved on from E3.

Anyways there’s less money in a smaller trade show sooooo the ESA is probably not gonna give a crap.

Is there anything wrong about going all digital in this age? I feel like they should upload all the trailers and demos onto the PSN Store, XBox live, Steam and Eshop in either the form of separate downloads or some kind of special app. Then we can have like Super Bowl-type parties at our houses as everything drops in

There are things they aren’t going to be able to do like typical discussions they have around things that someone off offhandedly mentions and the developer can talk about it.

Like Giant Bomb @ Nite - Live From E3

Oh well. I can recapture the magic through @spooie’s X-Play uploads.

I honestly feel “meh” about this whole E3 cancelled situation because while i do usually catch up on the trailers the day after E3, the fact Sony has skipped the past two E3s has certainly put a damper in my excitement over the event.

So, i’m definitely going to get super excited whenever Sony decides to unveil the PS5. I’m still gonna check out what MS has in store for the XSX but E3 or no E3 i would probably feel the same.

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The Easy Allies Podcast had a great discussion on the formats the developers might use.

I guess the one good thing is media will pick up on how great Treehouse is when they typically miss it.

Kyle wondering if everyone would set up their own treehouses. I think companies absolutely should. Companies should immitate treehouse even if the event wasn’t canceled.

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I think it was pretty obvious that when E3 got canceled they’d just go to gaming media. ESA without floor space has little to offer.

Can’t wait to see what IGN has planned.

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Sounds good!

IGN basically has been given E3 in a year that has new hardware. IGN is defintely loving being the E3 source.

They will do what it takes. Particularly since if they do well publishers will really want to partner with them later.

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