Disney's the Simpsons


as predicted


Marge vs The Monorail will be first episode I watch.


Looking forward to this since it won’t have ads like when it was on FxXXX.


Meh, you know how I feel about more subscription services. And I never liked The Simpsons or Friends or Seinfeld. I must be a weirdo.


Conan O’Brien’s finest.

But will they still do the same hack-job with stretching the image, cropping the top and bottom and blowing it up to turn a 4:3 ratio standard def show into a really bad looking 16:9 standard def show plastered into an HD frame?


Probably not, online streaming is much more relaxed about aspect ratio stuff.

Also, as they still probably have the original film animation cels for the non-digital seasons, there’s nothing stopping Disney from doing a 4K remaster or something.