Devil May Cry V ✪



But then…


I’m absolutely getting this game, but I’m also going out of town for the weekend the day it comes out so I probably won’t really get started until the following weekend.

The demo was just what I was looking for, though I wish I could’ve turned up the difficulty so I could play with the combo system more. Enemies died too fast.


How absurd that live action thing is lol I’ll get it eventually, when it is $30 or something. I have way too much on my plate right now.


Watching a bunch of the cutscenes

Nero is so freaking cool :heart_eyes:

I don’t really care for Vergil’s new face… and the voice doesn’t seem to match either…


Finally found some time to play and got a couple hours in. Nero feels extremely familiar right off the bat, and in fact I kept messing up by trying to do some of his moves from DMC4 only to get hit because I hadn’t unlocked them yet. The Devil Breakers are a nice new addition that give him more variety than he had in 4, and apart from Overture, there’s definitely a learning curve in terms of figuring out how to make the best use of them. So far I’ve used Overture, Gerbera, and Punch Line. Gerbera is starting to grow on me and I feel like I still have a lot of experimenting to do with Punch Line.

Also played a mission as V. Totally different feel, but not in a bad way. Definitely seems a bit button mash-y right now, but I think once I get more used to him I’ll have more fun. Definitely some potential there.

As for the story, all I know so far is that there’s some big tree with a demon king inside it that Dante is losing against. In typical DMC fashion it’s all ridiculous and disjointed, but I hope it isn’t afraid to be a little silly sometimes like the others in the series.



Between that and taking Nero’s arm to get Yamato, there’s no doubt that Urizen is Vergil. That means the only question left is who V is and what he’s after.


Finished the game a couple weeks ago but then got back into RDR2 so I haven’t had much to say until now.

All in all, it’s definitely got the best combat in the series. Dante is still the ultimate Swiss army knife of demon murder and the new tools at his disposal are great. Nero comes into his own with the inclusion of Devil Breakers and the return of his Devil Trigger/Devil Bringer at the end, giving you a toolbox to play with on subsequent playthroughs that, while not quite as fun as Dante’s, still offers plenty. Honestly, in terms of depth and options Nero would be a standout in any other franchise, but this is DMC.

V is definitely the weak link but fortunately you only play like 4-5 missions with him. I have a pretty good understanding of his combat now and while I can understand some of the design choices that make it so you can’t just endlessly stunlock enemies at a distance and never take damage, it can make the balance of offense and defense a little annoying to maintain.

I’ve been playing on Son of Sparda and I like that rather than just upping enemy health and damage, they throw higher level enemies at you from the start. Bloody Palace also got added today (it’s free, don’t worry) and that’s always fun to play for pure combat practice. The game also has a feature called The Void which is basically just a training simulator you can use to practice with all the different weapons and Devil Breakers, and that was handy for me in terms of figuring out how to use a couple of them better, especially Punch Line.

All in all, I’m super happy with the game and it’s right up there with DMC3 and 4. My one and only complaint is that there are way too many damn loading screens.